Who else got into Mount Marty?

  1. I just found out that I am going to be attending Mount MArty this August, I am looking for any advice anyone cant give about the program?, how to cut costs? and I am trying to find out who else got in from Omaha/Council Bluffs. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Pinto
    I got into Mt. Marty
  4. by   Pinto
    I will be atending Mount Marty
  5. by   TBICU
    What units did you work at in the Omaha/CB area that got you in? I am a couple of years away from applying for CRNA school but have thought already at applying at Mt. Marty. How did you like the PD and what did the students say about the program? Thanks for any advice/comments.
  6. by   aaron1013
    Congratualtions! Where do you work presently? Are you looking for a roommate up in Sioux Falls?
  7. by   Pinto
    I work Critical Care at Sanford in Sioux Falls. I commute from Vermillion which is about a 45 min. drive. My clinical site is Sioux City. Married with children so roomate is out LOL....Congrats as well.....I am very nervous and excited.
  8. by   mebke1
    I will also be starting the Mount Marty CRNA program in August. I currently work at Creighton in Omaha and live in Lincoln. I'm curious what kind of options will be available for housing? I was going to call the school and see if they have a list of people looking for roomates. I own a house in Lincoln so I would like to find something pretty cheap for school.
  9. by   mebke1
    I will be starting at Mount Marty in August also. I currently am working at Creighton Med Center in Omaha but live in Lincoln. I own a house in Lincoln so I'm nervous about finding a cheap place to stay and not bust the budget. I plan on contacting the school to see if they have any info about lodging or people looking for roomates. PM me if you are looking for a roomate.
  10. by   motorboat
    I got in, anyone looking for a male roomate?