When to take the prereqs?

  1. Hi everyone, so I am extremely interested in becoming a CRNA. I will be finishing my nursing career in about a year. I was curious if someone could advise me on when they took the organic chemistry and physics. It is not required at my university for my BSN. Do most people take the classes when they are working or do they take it during a gap. I do not know how I would fit the course in when working full time, since the school I would have to take it at only meets in morning Mondays and Wednesdays. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   Hobberdog
    I never took physics or organic chemistry. It wasn't required by my program. Only about 1/2 of the programs out there require these courses so I would look at where you want to apply and see if you need to take them.
  4. by   PVCCHoo
    Yeah. See what you need first.

    I am only applying to one school this first go around. It has no prereqs. My second choice requires Organic or Biochem, stats within 5 years, and a pathophys class.

    To be ready for anything, I took Organic as soon as I graduated - i mean I was studying chemistry when everyone else was studying for NCLEX. Took stats that fall and Biochem the following spring.

    Hopefully I will get in to my first choice in a few months and all those classes will have just been for my own personal enrichment.
  5. by   tayloralexus
    Thank you for your insight . The preferred school and most schools in my area (stl) are required to take organic chem and physics. I think I will do what you did. What do you think about online organic chemistry ? Do you think it would be too difficult. A lab is not required at my preferred school. I wanted to try and fit the class in between nursing , but I'm afraid other parts of school will suffer and I need to end up with a high gpa.
  6. by   tayloralexus
    Thank you!
  7. by   PVCCHoo
    I took Organic online with the lab in person. I took it at the community college and online was the only option in the summer. It was not easy, and you will need to come in with a decent understanding of gen Chem. I had plenty of time because my school screwed up my transcripts and I didn't take my NCLEX and start my job til end of summer.