What is your total tuition for anesthesia school?

  1. I was just wondering how expensive anesthesia school is. I am HOPING to pay out of pocket and avoid loans.
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  3. by   nurselizk
    It's not just the tuition you need to consider. My tuition is in the low 30's. Living expenses are much more than that for the 2+ years, no matter how frugal I am. I have a mortgage, kids, and distant clinical sites which require overnight stays. You can't work during an anesthesia program. Save all you can, but most people also have to take loans to get through.
  4. by   putmetosleep
    I don't have the numbers exactly, but the total cost of tuition for the school I'll be attending (MSA) is somewhere around $28,000, I believe. Your best bet would be to investigate the schools you think you might apply to.
  5. by   Jdog19s
    it depends on the program. Most east coast schools will run you anywhere from 70,000 to over 100,000 for the whole program. I've heard rumor that the schools out west are much more affordable at under 50,000 for the entire program. I'm expecting to spend about 70,000 on my education at Northeastern University.
  6. by   DrugReptoNurse
    $62k for tuition
    add another $80k for living expenses for 28 months

    $140k to $160k in student loan debt is my projection

    Attending a public university as an out of state student in Miami, Florida. Cost of living is high here.
  7. by   dizzlern84
    Depends on were you go and if it is a university or private school. Im going to a private school and its going to cost me almost 60,000 not including cost of living. I have heard of some university costing under 30,000 though.
  8. by   amiro31
    I just looked into Kaiser recentrly, and I was suprised to see tuition for approximately 28,000. Looked into Georgetown university and it's 60,000. I am hoping that the cost of school doesn't equal quality of education. Georgetown boasts 100% pass rate...