what is a good path to becoming a CRNA?

  1. hello everyone! :typing

    i am a new graduate of a BSN program from another country.

    i recently migrated here to the USA and i have passed the NCLEX-RN exam (woohooo!!!).

    i am intrigued by the field of Nurse Anesthesia. i have been reading the threads and from what i see, CRNAs have a very fulfilling and rewarding career. the practice of Nurse Anesthesia seems to be very interesting and quite challenging.

    i am planning on applying for either a Master's degree or a post-graduate specialty training next year.

    my question is this:

    if i intend to become a CRNA someday, what courses/trainings should i take up (or look into) that would be somewhat preparatory to the Nurse Anesthetist Course? is there a Master's degree program that would be helpful in the Nurse Anesthetist course? should i seek training in the I.C.U. or O.R. or would it be OK to go straight to the Nurse Anesthetist program with only a RN-BSN credential?

    i hope you could enlighten me on this one.

    thank you very much!
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  3. by   mspcrna
    I believe you have much homework to do. Stary by going to the AANA web page and look at "Becoming a CRNA". It would be "NICE" to go straight to CRNA school, however, your chances of doing that are very slim unless you have a great deal of background besides RN school.

    DO NOT WORK AS AN O.R. nurse. It will get you none of the experience you probably need. AN ICU fellowship in a hospital with an active cardiac surgery program is best. AND DO NOT TELL THEM YOU ARE USING IT AS A STEPPING STONE TO ANESTHESIA TRAINING!!! That would be your best training preparation.

    If you can, take more chem and physics courses.