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I am currently an undergraduate working towards my BSN. I plan on going to school again after 1-2 years experience as a RN - to either a NP program or a CRNA program. I know with the NP program you... Read More

  1. by   diamondhope
    Im still just a regular nursing student and I myself am interested in becoming a CRNA so I was looking for more information. Ive read alot of things online and watched informative videos the hospitol in my area allowed me to watch. Im not yet at a stage where I have the time to shadow a CRNA, but I to wanted to hear about the day in the life of a CRNA. Its nice to hear a personal story with little tidbits.
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  2. by   Rocco78
    I am in the midst of interviewing for several nurse anesthesia programs and I find the original question posed to be extremely valid; even though I have shadowed several CRNAs and have CRNA friends, so I know what CRNAs do. There are many different areas that CRNAs can work in and it varies from coast to coast and rural to urban. So it interesting and valuable information to know what a CRNA does in their hospital or day surgery center, because it is all very different. Thank you loveanesthesia for your day-in-the-life of a CRNA where you work.

    Thank you
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  3. by   Camdfw
    i have to tell you....as a sn myself about to enter my senior year, i too am pondering a career as a crna or np. and to be completely honest, i would obtain a master's not only for myself and the passion i have for nurturing others but for the financial stability that these careers afford. i would be 36 by the time i finished a master's program (if you included 2 years of "working" as an rn) and i have some catching up to do financially. \

    [font=book antiqua]i applaud all nursing students (and rn wanna b’s) out there.
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  4. by   RN20102010
    Quote from Brooke1984
    It's very frustrating to see your posts below. This one saying you plan to "work 1-2 years before applying to CRNA school." And then here, your asking what a CRNA does ?!?!?! Yet another undergrad whose in this career for the money.

    I'll sum it up for you since you obviously don't know.....people (including myself) have been working as a nurse for years trying to get certs, get experience, take GRE's, and fully prepare for the coursework that school invovles. It's not a matter of competition with people fresh out of school, it's just boils down to the same thing that most people are in for the money.

    Why is it so Frustrating to you.. Get over yourself. What concern is it of yours if she/he is in it for the money. Why do you have such a superiority to your tone. GET OVER YOUR SELF. everytime I go on these boards for CRNA the CRNA's seem to have such an attitude illlkk.