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Greetings, I was invited to interview at Western Carolina University and was wondering if anyone might be willing to share their interview experience with me. I am curious to know if I... Read More

  1. by   TatumRN
    Hey guys!

    I will be joining you at WCU in the spring! I'll be relocating from Atlanta and am terrified/nervous/excited! haha.

    Can't wait to meet everyone!
  2. by   sallie00
    Congrats Bryan, Kylee and Kristin. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

    If anyone needs info on relocating to Asheville, a couple of us on this board are local and glad to assist.

    See you everyone in a couple months.

    Take care,

  3. by   rhymechizel
    Saw this and thought I would say hello as I'm joining you all for the class of 2012. I'm bringing my wife and two kids from Utah; its going to be a long drive. I also got into Wolford but after reading posts on this board it sounds like WCU is the best choice.

    see you soon-Dan

    P.S. Anyone taking the online classes before we start in the spring?
  4. by   TatumRN
    Hey rhymechizel!

    Nice to meet ya! A few of us have been corresponding over email and Facebook. You can find me there!

    I am going to hold off on taking classes this fall. One, I am not prepared to start classes in a few weeks. And two, it is potentially going to interfere with financial aid later on in the program. A few of the other students feel the same way. I have not heard from anyone that has decided to take them.

    I am currently in Atlanta so I will be moving like you! Most everyone lives in Asheville or nearby. I know there is another guy coming from the north, so we are not the only non-locals! haha.

    Take care and get in touch,

    Kristin Tatum
  5. by   lilkirb
    Hey all,
    Just wanted to get my two cents put in. I'm not going to take the classes right now. I'm not really mentally prepared as well to start a class up so soon. I would rather wait until I get my masters thinking cap on. I'm focusing on getting scholarships and working my fanny off to save money. Anyone know when we are supposed to apply for financial aid at all?

    UTAH?? I thought I came a long way from Indianapolis. Well congrats. I'm kinda excited to meet everyone. So far I have talked to Sallie, Brian, and Kristin. It's good to get to meet everyone. When is everyone who isn't local planning on moving to N.C.?
  6. by   mursebryan
    I am taking the Economics and Theory courses. I'm just ready to get started.

    Sounds like our group is half local and half out of state. You all will enjoy the area. Great place to live.


  7. by   pedimac
    Bryan et al,

    I was just accepted to WCU, class of 2013. I'll be coming from Houston, and excited to be able to sit outside not covered in sweat. I would PM a few of you, but AN requires 15 posts before that happens.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could give me a few heads up on how classes are set up, areas of town, if you don't mind me texting/calling you at some point in the near future. Let me know. I loved what I saw of Asheville when I was there for my interview, and am really excited to get up there soon.

  8. by   TatumRN
    Hi Philip.

    Congrats! You will love the program!

    You can look us up on FB WCU Nurse Anesthesia Class of 2012. Most of us are on there! (I don't really want to post my personal contact info here).

    Anyhow, let me know if that doesn't work or you have trouble finding the group on FB.

    See ya soon,
  9. by   CourtneyM16
    I am very interested in applying for this school and I'm wondering if I could get some more info out of you guys!

    I'm curious about stats for acceptance to the school such as gpa, gre scores, years experience and what type of ICU, certifications, etc. What do you guys think helped get you accepted to WCU? Is the didactic portion front loaded or is it throughout the program? I'm also worried about financial aid since I will require loans to get through crna school. I'm wondering if you guys have been able to get enough financial aid to cover both school expenses and living expenses. What do you guys think are the strengths/weaknesses of the program?

    I love the asheville area! I actually lived there when I was in elementary school and my family still owns a house in Waynesville. My husband and I are both currently RN's in Oklahoma and are both interested in going to crna school. WCU is one of our top choices so any info would be greatly appreciated! Also, do you guys know if the school is going to be open around Christmas time? My husband and I are going to be out there at that time for a family gathering for Christmas for about a week so it would be awesome if we could see the school and get a little info!

    Thanks in advance for you help
  10. by   TatumRN
    Hi Courtney.

    Send me an email and I can help answer your questions. KristinTatum3 at AOL.

  11. by   Equest2789
    Does anyone have current insight into the interview and the WCU CRNA program in general? Any info you can provide about pros/cons of the program, things you liked or didn't like, and how you felt about your overall education at WCU is greatly appreciated!!!!!