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  1. hey all.. just wondering what you think. got friends coming up on a friday night, staying over saturday and leaving sunday. i thought this better than them coming on saturday and leaving monday. i have first biochem exam the following tuesday, of which would be one day after "departure" of friends. i really want to hang out and also feel, that if i keep up until then, then studying for a day and a half should'nt be that bad. any thoughts out there other than the 'study 24/7' type? sorry, but i can't apologize for something i feel i need to do to escape from the wall that i keep "running" into at school. is studying majorly for an exam one and a half days prior to, considered cramming? not to excuse, but friends are coming to visit and i thought this be better than them leaving on monday and "cramming" for just one night..
    ~thoughts are awaiting your perusal~
    thanks for listening...
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  3. by   -Midget-
    I think doing it before would be better than cramming all the night before. It's probably more important you get a good nights rest then.
  4. by   Brian_SRNA
    i guess it all depends on if you are caught up on the work before your firends come in. Remember, you do need to take some time for yourself also. Best of luck