Wake Forest Interview

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have an interview coming up for the Nurse Anesthesia Program at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center / UNC Greensboro.

    Have any of you interviewed there? Can you give me some tips on what to expect (what type of questions do they ask, is there a written test etc)?

    Thank you in advance!

    Adonai (excited, happy, and nervous!)
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  3. by   SmessenBSN
    Hi! I was browsing the boards looking for the same information. All I've heard is that Wake usually has their mind made up before the interview, so they don't have a history of asking clinically specefic questions ... they just try to learn more about you!

    I'll see you at the interview!

  4. by   skipaway
    Quote from SmessenBSN
    All I've heard is that Wake usually has their mind made up before the interview

    Not sure where you've heard this but I assure you, it's totally false. Interview is very important where the committee can place a personality to the application.
  5. by   MICURN74
    Hi everyone at this thread! I have also applied to Wake and RSNA, and have been looking for exactly this kind of information as well. Any info/advice is always greatly appreciated. Thanks and good
    luck to everyone.
  6. by   AdonaiLoveable
    I interviewed at Wake Forest last Fall. Their interview can be somewhat intimidating as they do a panel-style interview...only the panel has about 20 people on it! They have you seated at the head of a rectangular table setup sitting next to the Director of the program. There were about 20 people sitting along the other sides.

    Be sure you've read your application thoroughly, in particular your responses to the essay answer questions. They want to know your responses more in-depth. They ask you typical questions, why you want to become a nurse anesthetist, why study at Wake FBMC, what is your work experience like on your unit, tell us about an interesting patient scenario, what are your weaknesses, strengths, etc. I did not get any technical questions about specific drugs or treatments, although some applicants did get such questions. I think that if you mention a drug or treatment (perhaps in an attempt to sound intelligent), they will ask you further questions going down that road. Unless you are super hot stuff and can go down that road, don't even bring up such things! Most interviewees at Wake and at other places, take that as an invitation to test your knowledge. Be honest and complete in your answers, but be concise. The Wake Forest interview is quite brief. Relax. Don't be too nervous. You'll do great!