Wake Forest CRNA 2018

  1. I know your out there somewhere- who is interviewing for the Wake Forest MSNA program starting in 2018? I'm not from the area and this is my first time applying to WFSOM.
    - Any thoughts on the interview process/day?
    - Any thoughts about what to expect?
    - Is there just one interview day or several?

    Thanks! Getting Excited!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Moved to another forum for more answers.
  4. by   CTICtoSRNA
    I'm flying down from Boston to interview on the 12th. They kind of explain the day I'm the invitation email, but other than that, I don't really know what to expect.
  5. by   cvru_rn_13
    Does Wake normally interview this early before the start of the school year?
  6. by   co2nc
    I'm interviewing on the 11th. Which day are you coming down?
  7. by   RESUSmonkey
    Im interviewing on the 12th, coming down on the 11th
  8. by   CTICtoSRNA
    Has anyone heard if they got in from these early decision interviews? It hasn't even been quite a week yet and the suspense is killing me>
  9. by   RESUSmonkey
    lol I hear ya-I got in
  10. by   CTICtoSRNA
    Congrats! When/how did you hear?
  11. by   RESUSmonkey
    Yeah, thanks i heard via e-mail. Best of luck to you, man.
  12. by   Futuresrna21
    Got my acceptance email on Friday! Anyone else heard?
  13. by   MICU_RN0786
    Just received my acceptance this morning!
    For those who have been accepted, have you been accepted anywhere else? Are you accepting Wake? I got into Wakeforest and a school in Texas. Trying to make a pros and cons list.
  14. by   CCRN_PICU28
    Got an acceptance email this afternoon. Good luck to everyone!