Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) 2019 DNAP

  1. Any other applicants out there? Does anyone know how many applications are submitted each year for the DNAP program? Good luck everyone!!
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  3. by   Shanimal
    I'm a first-year student in the etpDNAP program. The exact number of applicants who apply and the number selected to interview each year aren't public knowledge. That said, I heard from somewhere (don't remember where) that around 500 apply, give or take, for roughly 45 slots between all of the campuses and that around 100 are invited to interview. There were about 25 people in my interview cohort and there were at least 3 interview sessions, so that last part sounds about right to me at least.
  4. by   jamiemoney88
    I applied as well! I heard pretty much what Shanimal heard but I also heard that some sites don't get the interest that others do. Alexandria and Richmond are sought after, Roanoke third, and Abingdon has the least amount of interest! *fingers crossed* we hear something soon! The wait is what kills me... Good luck @Tizzy296
  5. by   mrr5026
    Good luck to everyone that applied ! I am waiting too. The application closes 3/14 and I believe invites to interview are sent out the first week of April. Anyone mind sharing their background etc? I have 4 years ICU experience in trauma SICU.
  6. by   VTCHSRVA
    Has anyone been offered an interview yet?
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  7. by   Tiny22
    I've applied as well. Just waiting to see what happens!

    GPA3.8, CCRN, TNCC, and a couple others. Charge in a mixed icu for a year and on councils. So we will see how lucky one can be!

    Best of luck to all. I hope to see some interviews from the group!
  8. by   jamiemoney88
    Got the notification for an interview today (April 2)! I'm beyond excited/nervous! The interview is April 18.
  9. by   mrr5026
    So nervous ! Congrats on the interview ? Would you mind sharing your background or stats ?
  10. by   Tiny22
    I will see you there Jamiemoney88! Got mine as well!

    Shanimal how was the interview? I know you can't disclose much of anything but anything shared would be greatly appreciated! Is there a test or writing portion? Last I heard it was not as clinical as some. Is it one on one or panel interview? Is there a practical portion (ACLS sim)?
  11. by   mrr5026
    Congrats ! Did they call you in the morning or afternoon? I've heard it's a lot less clinical for the interview as well but there is a small written exam at the end.
  12. by   Jps37
    Hey there. I applied as well. Do they send out another round of interviews?
  13. by   jamiemoney88
    They didn't call, they emailed, so make sure to check yours! Also, I'm an RN that worked 1.5 years mixed ICU and now 8 months Surgical ICU. I have my CCRN and a 3.8 (I think) GPA. I think my reference letters were absolutely tops though! Good luck everyone!
  14. by   Polarcap
    Did anybody get an email today?