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Hi everyone! I am finally officially applying to VCU and MSA for 2013. Was also going to apply to UT chat and SEHC but decided 2 was all I could reasonably afford to fly out to interview at. ... Read More

  1. by   missnurse01
    Wondering how everyone is doing!

    anyone moving down there soon? I think I might be coming the furthest. we are arriving in April and I will take a travel contract .

    anyone else?
  2. by   MyPhilosophy
    I talked to (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) last month. She had told me that Deposits were due "Just some time before you start school." Haha pretty vague, but it seems like they're not worried about getting it right away. I sent in my letter accepting their offer without the deposit, and she said that I was fine.
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  3. by   1234yc
    I'm doing great. I've been working on the Chemistry Prep course. I'm trying to decide what, if anything, I should do to try to prep for Physiology. Is anyone doing anything? I'm already having nightmares about that class...Ha! Luckily I don't have to move.
  4. by   missnurse01
    I have tried to find a grad level phys class without luck. I tried to find an undergrad phys class that wasn't 1500+ without luck. So I am going to do the mammalian phys that vcu offers along with the medicinal chem you are doing.

    how is it going? I haven't started yet.

    I have also been watching stuff on khan academy and bought the two year access for Dr. Najeeb. And reading some anesthesia stuff, the baby miller, anesth secrets, and mass gen.

    we are gearing up for the move cross country in april and we are simplifying our lives as much as possible. Got rid of a bunch of stuff, doing other little things that we have been meaning to do over the years but haven't yet, etc.

    trying to figure out if I should buy private health insurance or get the one thru the school...
  5. by   1234yc
    Chemistry has been a bit frustrating. I'm on module 8 so far. It is very difficult to understand some of the accents so I end up taking a lot longer to get through them because I have to keep replaying. I have not started the physiology one yet. I'm going to look into Dr Najeeb lectures as well and use those along w/Dr Costanzo's Board Review Series Physiology book. She teaches some of the class and the book was highly recommended by my friend who just finished their first semester. My friend's only advice was not to bother preparing too much and soak up as much time enjoying your family as possible. She didn't prepare other than the prep courses and she got a B in Phys.
  6. by   missnurse01
    Yeah my friend didn't prep either and got all a's and one b. But I know its intense studying either way. I just want to review so it isn't so awful lol. I will do both review classes. I need to get on it! Time is oddly running out and we are moving soon and I am working crazy overtime right now.

    I have heard the accents make it difficult. Dr najeeb has one too but I am okay with his. Its 100 bucks for two years of access.

    I will look at that book you mentioned as well. I have thought about asking my friend for his lecture videos so I can watch them now! L
  7. by   rjonesrn
    Hi everyone. I plan to apply at VCU next year. Does anyone have any insight on their interviews?
  8. by   missnurse01
    hello, rjonesrn - you have 3-4 one on one interviews. They are really short actually. They ask general questions, nothing extremely in depth clinically.

    good luck
  9. by   jaredb63
    Did you end up taking these courses? How were they? Do you think it was worth taking them?
  10. by   missnurse01
    No I didn't. The people that did them said they weren't a ton helpful. I don't feel like I missed anything.