UTAH - CRNAs or BSNs going for CRNA?

  1. Anyone here currently a CRNA in Utah? How about BSN going away to school for an MSN/CRNA?
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  3. by   TexasCRNA
    Got a buddy in Salt Lake, he is a CRNA that was 1 year ahead of me. There is also another guy in my program that is from Utah.

  4. by   alansmith52
    I am from utah and a long time member of this board, I have just moved to Ft. Worth from utah and am awaiting the start of school
  5. by   warzone

    I just sent you an email.

  6. by   smogmatt
    from Idaho, went to nursing school in UT, Logan usu/wsu rn program, called lots for CRNA's around the state, great job market
  7. by   warzone

    Are you a CRNA? How was Weber States nursing program? What school did you go to for your Masters? Do you currently work as a CRNA in UT?

    I'm just trying to get a feeling for the job market and how well CRNA graduates are doing in Utah, as well as what route they took to get there.

    I've decided to make a complete 180 - go back to school for a BSN then go on to get a MSN/CRNA. I have a Bachelors in another field which is unrelated to nursing. Unfortunately job stability is not the greatest in my line of work and neither is my job satisfaction. I now have an incredible drive to become a nurse. The thing that makes me nervous is giving up all that I have now, to go back and become a student again...although I know in the end it will be more than worth it.
  8. by   smogmatt
    not a CRNA soon to be a SRNA at Albany Medical College in Albany New York, I liked the USU/WSU program they set up their program so you can test for your LPN after your 1st year, it helps to work as an LPN i got into an ICU right out of RN school,

    what about you where are you going to do the RN at??

  9. by   warzone
    Not sure.

    My original thought was SUU/WSU program in Cedar City...I am in St. George. The more I think about it, I may just move back up to SLC and go to either UofU or BYU. Of course Weber is always an option. Do you have any suggestions? Heard anything interesting about these programs?
  10. by   warzone
    Originally posted by smogmatt
    ...it helps to work as an LPN i got into an ICU right out of RN school...

    What ICU did you work in? Is it uncommon to go straight to the ICU right after graduating with your BSN?
  11. by   meandragonbrett
    Here in Tennessee new grads can basically name what department they want. ICU is no problem to get into here.

  12. by   OKIE-DOKIE
    It's no problem here on Oklahoma either. New ADN grads can go to the ICU.
  13. by   smogmatt
    SUU/WSU is a great program (my wife graduated from that program) I would go that route, because:
    year 1: you could work as a CNA while going to school
    year 2: work as an LPN,
    year 3: done w/ the RN can work on BSN while working in ICU (IHC has a great tuition reimbursment)

    it worked great for me it beats going for 4 yrs before you can work in a hospital.

    check out some of the other posts about BSN vs ADN
  14. by   doehlzz
    SRNA at albany med?