UT vs TCU CRNA school

  1. I applied to Baylor, TCU and UT and got into TCU and UT and alternate listed at Baylor. I was set on going to TCU until I got into UT. Now I am just really confused. Background is I am married with 2 kids and live in Houston. I got Houston clinical site for TCU but I believe 14 months is at one hospital where as UT does clinicals through about 10 clinical sites not sure which is better. I would have to leave my family for about a year if I choose TCU. I have heard good things about both and some bad things about one of them. Anybody with any experience with the programs or that knows anything please help. I have done pretty extensive research so people currently in the programs or grads of these programs would be great.
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  4. by   rhinoroc
    I've wondered which schools were better myself. Last I remember TCU is pretty expensive isn't it? Is UT comparable or a lot less?
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  5. by   TXCVICURN
    TCU about 100k UT 37k
  6. by   PresG33
    You cannot put a price tag on your relationship with your family. I go to school and have clinicals about an hour from home and commute every day. I’m home to put the kids to bed every night. If I was gone for more than that I’m not sure it would be worth it. Remember that your family probably pays a large part in why you’re doing this. Also, my family is a big push for me to keep my head down and keep going when school gets hard. Take out whatever loans you need to stay close to your family because they are what matter most.
  7. by   eaglehdz_21
    Interested I what others have to say as well. I'm in the same boat as the OP
  8. by   eaglehdz_21
    Remember for tcu you are allowed to keep working first Spring and summer semester. That will offset the tuition a bit