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Did anyone apply to the CRNA program at UT Houston for Fall 2008. I applied but still haven't heard anything from them. When I called to inquire about the status of my application its like hitting a... Read More

  1. by   erc512
    I've applied to the CRNA program at UT. They told me they'd call us for interviews between Dec and Jan.

    For those who have been accepted to UT: What were your gpa's and gre scores? also, is there a preferred icu experience. i work in PICU, and am hoping that it's considered acceptable.
  2. by   Benaffleck
    Hi, I'm going to be an ADN student at Galveston College and I also want to be a CRNA after I am done. Do you guys have any advices to what I should prepare for now so that I have a good chance of getting in later just like you guys. I plan on getting my RN-BSN after i graduate in Fally 2011.
  3. by   blackberrie_281
    So how was your experience with UTs CRNA program? Also for the pre req do they want organic chemistry 1 or 1and2?