University of New England CRNA (2018)

  1. Hello Everyone!

    Looking to hear from others who have applied to the UNE CRNA program to start in May 2018. I applied earlier this month and figured it would be helpful to start a thread where we could share information.

    Best of luck to everyone!

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  3. by   ICURN29
    Looks like I am the only one posting in this thread. Hopefully there will be more activity as the application deadline nears.

    I have been offered an interview for the May 2018 start date. I would love to hear from others who have applied and hope that you guys receive interview invites as well!

    Does anyone know details about clinical placements via UNE? Looks like they have a lot of different clinical placements throughout the USA and I was curious as to which sites are used as "primary" clinical sites and which are enrichment sites. Would love to be placed in a clinical site in MA as that would be the best spot for my girlfriend and I while I completed clinical.

    Good luck everyone and hope to hear from some of you soon!
  4. by   Ry0212
    I just got an invite as well!!! Someone help us!
  5. by   ICURN29
    Great to hear you have an interview. Good luck!
  6. by   princessEDP
    hi ICURN29 and Ry0212! I just submitted my app for UNE '18. How long did it take to hear back for the interview invite?? Was it an email notification?
  7. by   Vermonterpeace
    I got an invit as well. We need to talk to current student about clinical placement. It's concerning that we would have to move to other states periodically for clinical experiences. When are you guys having interviews?
  8. by   princessEDP
    Just got an interview email! Good luck everyone!
  9. by   Hubbysanurse
    My husband is currently at UNE and will graduate in September. Yes, you will have to move. You get to list preferences, but hardly anyone got their preference. There are people that got sent to Baltimore, to VT..etc. if you have questions, feel free to ask away!
  10. by   Sara D.

    I also applied & just yesterday received an invitation to interview at the end of this month. Has anyone heard what to expect during the interview process?
  11. by   Sara D.
    How was his interview experience?
  12. by   ICURN29
    Has anyone else been placed on the waitlist? If so have any of you heard back from UNE yet?
    I was sent a letter in early December about being placed on the waitlist. Unfortunately, the school has offered little insight in the how many people they have placed on the waitlist. Also, they told me they do not have a deadline for accepted students to declare intent, so it sounds like I could be waitlisted for quite some time.
  13. by   Sara D.
    A friend of mine is a 2013 graduate of their MSNA program and said that there were a few people in her cohort that were notified of their acceptance from the wait list 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the program.
  14. by   ICURN29
    Oh boy that would be tough! Well I am hopeful I will find out before then, but if need be I would have to just figure it out.

    Thanks for the feedback!