University of Minnesota DNP CRNA interview

  1. Anyone else interviewing soon at the University of Minnesota for their CRNA program or have interviewed there in the past? I'm looking for recommendations of what to expect and how to prepare! Thanks.
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  3. by   jj224
    I have.. what do you wanna know?
  4. by   marjoylud
    I am wondering if I should prepare for more clinical or behavioral questions, or both?
  5. by   jj224
    Not many clinical questions. It was fairly laid back.
  6. by   Jleech88
    I interviewed with the U of MN last year. The interview focused more on personality and "get to know you" type of questions (why anesthesia, why the U, why now, explain a situation when...etc.). No clinical questions were presented; however, there was a couple questions regarding the DNP curriculum and the autonomy of APRN providers. The climate was non-intimidating and the faculty were professional and welcoming. You also get to talk briefly with current CRNA students while you wait for your interview to help bring down the stress. Good luck!
  7. by   kwknurse
    I'm actually interviewing tomorrow, good luck to all those that interview!!
  8. by   marjoylud
    Good luck to you as well! I interview tomorrow.
  9. by   kwknurse
    How do you feel that your interview went? It was very laid back which I enjoyed!
  10. by   marjoylud
    I think it went well! We went 15 minutes over because we were having a great discussion at the end which I hope is a good sign. I agree it was very laid back - a great way to ease into CRNA school interview!
  11. by   DenverRN2018
    Did you get in? I applied for 2019, and I'm waiting to hear about an interview. When did you get your interview invitation?
  12. by   marjoylud
    I did get in and am liking the program so far (although it's only the first week). I got my invitation to interview on September 19th of last year. Good luck!