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Interview in March. Anyone have any experience with the interview at UNF. Social vs Clinical.... Read More

  1. by   FLYRN
    hi baysky, I have some info about this fall.........you need to know pm me
  2. by   Terpole
    How competitive is it to get at UNF? With it being the only Nurse Anesthetist program at a state school outside the Miami area (?), I'm sure they'll take the best of the best, even though it's only in its second year. Anybody got a handle on this?
  3. by   BaySky
    They are all difficult to get in. Very competitive and nerve wrecking
  4. by   MrsJCP
    Lionhart --- Do some research! U.S.F. has a crna program. Bay Medical also has a program with tuition comparable to the state schools, although it is an independent program. I'm headed to FIU myself and was surprisingly impressed with the program despite it "being in Miami".