UNCC/CMC Starting 2016

  1. Hi! I just wanted to connect with any future classmates starting next fall at UNCC! I was also curious to see if anyone was trying to take any classes ahead of time and if so where are you taking them?!
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  3. by   NeuroJani
    Did u already interview? I recently submitted my application. Whats the interview process like? Thanks.
  4. by   erose06
    Hi! I'll be joining you at UNCC/CMC this coming fall!! Are you already in Charlotte? I'll be making the move from FL in July
  5. by   cdarling10
    Hi erose06! I also currently live in Florida and plan to make the move to Charlotte in July!
  6. by   wanger2525
    Could yall elaborate on the interview process. I just recently applied for the second session. of interviews. What kind of questions did they ask? As in whether it was get to know you or clinical or mixture. Is the interview an all day event or just a quick in and out? Just curious
  7. by   cdarling10
    It's a mixture of clinical and get to know you questions. There is a faculty and student interview. They also give a presentation and allow for a Q&A with current students. The whole process was 4 hours.
  8. by   wanger2525
    I got an email requesting GPA calculating form. Is this normal?
  9. by   cdarling10
    Yes. I believe they send that to everyone!
  10. by   erose06
    I filled out a GPA calculator too. I think it's a normal part of the process
  11. by   erose06
    cdarling10, I cant believe you're moving from FL too!! Where exactly are you from? I currently live in Gainesville. My family is already living in NC so I'm very excited to be closer to them. What drew you to the Charlotte area?
  12. by   cdarling10
    Erose06, I sent you a PM!
  13. by   anurse1
    Im surprised that they already sent out admission letters without the second cycle of interviews being complete. Especially with only a class size of 24. Not very encouraging for those who are interviewing in the second cycle.
  14. by   cdarling10
    Anurse1, when we originally interviewed in October they said that they were taking 12 people from the first round of interviews and 12 people from the second round of interviews. I don't know what happens with the spot when a person decides not to go (which I do know one person who has done this). So maybe there will be more spots available in the second round? I honestly don't know. But you should at least have the same chance as the first round of applicants! Good Luck!!