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Hi! I just wanted to connect with any future classmates starting next fall at UNCC! I was also curious to see if anyone was trying to take any classes ahead of time and if so where are you taking... Read More

  1. by   duhitsbrielle
    Mine said the 12th also
  2. by   sportyslim
    I thought the email said they would let us know either way on 2/12?
  3. by   duhitsbrielle
    I think all of our emails said the 12th but none of us heard back so let's hope tomorrow we will hear something!
  4. by   duhitsbrielle
    I got an email this morning for an invitation to interview and then just now got an email saying "recall" the interview message so I'm super confused I don't know what is going on. Did anyone else have the same thing happen?
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  5. by   duhitsbrielle
    I didn't get an interview. Done. This same exact thing happened at the last school I applied to. I truly don't understand how they can do that but whatever. Good luck to everyone that has already gotten in to the program and everyone else that got an interview invite today!
  6. by   anurse1
    I got the same recall message but both of the messages in my inbox in the account they made us make said that I got an interview. I don't understand how that is fair to you at all duhitsbrielle. Sorry to hear they did that. This whole process has definitely made me think differently of the school as a whole. You will get an interview somewhere soon, no worries!
  7. by   duhitsbrielle
    Aw it's ok just wasn't meant to be for me! I will apply to more programs next year after I get my CCRN cert and retake the GRE which will hopefully make me more a competitive applicant. Congrats on your interview anurse1!
  8. by   anurse1
    To the people who have already interviewed, are the applicants interviewed individually or as a group?
  9. by   cdarling10
    Both of the interviews are done individually. Good luck!
  10. by   regular.gonzales
    For those who had their interview today. Can you speak as to what it was like? The general format of the interviews, what sorts of questions did they ask, any other interesting information, ect...

    Thank you
  11. by   regular.gonzales
    Also I think they said before that they are interviewing approximately 30 people for 12 spots. Does anyone know about this?
  12. by   anurse1
    For those of us in the second interview cycle, I'm guessing we will hear 7-10 days from today..the wait begins! Since the letters are being sent by mail, those of you living in NC and SC will get yours first…be sure to post if you hear anything!
  13. by   cdarling10
    They also email you a copy of the letter. I'm in Florida and I got the email two days before my letter. But I didn't get the email until 10 days after my interview. Just a heads up! Good luck everyone!!!