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Hi! I just wanted to connect with any future classmates starting next fall at UNCC! I was also curious to see if anyone was trying to take any classes ahead of time and if so where are you taking... Read More

  1. by   anurse1
    Well that is more encouraging. What was the overall tone of the interview like? Did they seem to care about you as a person or did you seem to feel like just a number? Congrats to those that have already been accepted. Also, what type of clinical questions did they ask? General or were they very detailed?
  2. by   anurse1
    Also, for those who have been accepted..would you mind posting your stats?
  3. by   cdarling10
    The overall interview process wasn't bad. The most intense part was, of course, the faculty interview. But it only lasts 20-30 minutes. The clinical questions come from your specialty. The students had very good things to say about the program and were very candid so I feel really good about the program.

    For stats I would say mine are pretty average. I have a 3.75 overall gpa. A combined 302 gre score. Nothing spectacular. But I think I made up for it with all my extra science courses, certifications, and shadow experience.
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  4. by   anurse1
    What about years of experience and on what unit?
  5. by   anurse1
    I don't even have an interview yet but I was just wondering! I applied at the end of December. They said they will notify you if you have an interview or not on Feb 16. I just wanted to get an idea of the applicant pool!
  6. by   cdarling10
    I work in a Trauma/Neuro/Surgical ICU. At the time of my interview I had 15 months of experience but I will have a full 2 years before starting. However almost everyone in my group of interviews came from CVICU.
  7. by   anurse1
    Well congratulations to you cdarling10! Ill keep this updated as to whether I get an interview or not. I would love to be joining you all next semester!
  8. by   duhitsbrielle
    Anyone hear back today? Today was supposed to be the day they were going to let everyone know if they had been chosen for an interview and I heard nothing so I'm just assuming I'm getting a rejection letter.
  9. by   anurse1
    I didn't hear today either. I emailed (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME)too and she never responded..I've been waiting so patiently so it's frustrating. Hopefully we hear soon? Although I'm expecting a rejection letter as well at this point.
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  10. by   duhitsbrielle
    Lol yes I emailed her too and got no response. I'm sure we aren't the only ones! Maybe Monday we will hear back. I just want to know either way, it's so frustrating not knowing [emoji20]
  11. by   sportyslim
    I also applied and did not hear back...I thought they were going to let us know either way on 2/12. Is that not true?!?
  12. by   sportyslim
    Was it Feb 12 or Feb 16?
  13. by   anurse1
    My email said the 12th