UAB 2019 CRNA Applicants

  1. Hi friends! I know it is early, but anyone else on here that is currently applying for Samford's CRNA program or applied last year and would like to share stats? Trying to figure what my chances are on getting in this year, or if I should wait until next year re-take a few things and boost my scores/grades.

    *2 years in Neuro ICU at Level 1 hospital
    *Overall GPA: 3.31
    *Science GPA: 3.0
    *GRE: 302 (150 verbal, 152 quant)
    *18 hrs shadowing CRNA
    *Involved in multiple committees in unit/hospital
    *Student nurse & new hire RN Preceptor
    *LORs from ANM, peer RN, former teacher (CRNP), & chief anesthesia resident MD (I was on night shift up until the last couple of months so I did not have a chance to establish relationships with attendings)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Would love to see other applicants stats!!
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  3. by   ALORNurse
    Hi! I am applying to Samford as well as UAB. I am wondering what my chances are as well since I have mediocre GRE scores and the absolute minimum critical care experience, although if accepted I will have 2 years by the time classes begin.
    I have:

    *8 years OR experience (still work prn)
    *1 year CVICU experience (work full time)
    *GRE score Verbal 151 Quant 150 Writing 4
    *Science GPA 4.0
    *Math GPA 4.0
    *Overall GPA 3.85 (made 3 Bs in nursing courses)
    *ACLS, PALS certified
    *Spent the greater part of 8 years watching CRNAs work
    *I am on the unit counsel in the CVICU and have recently started assisting with training new hires.
    *I have 3 previous years of community service as a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) with the local crisis center.
    *LORs from 1 former nursing instructor, director of anesthesia in OR I am employed with, 3 CRNAs I have worked with from two different local hospitals I am currently employed with, and my direct supervisor in critical care.
  4. by   piersonte
    Hey! Good luck you guys. Your GPAs are better than mine! Think I'm right at a 3.2 or so. For my ADN I was doing around 15-18 credit hours a semester and really just winged half the English and history classes, kinda regret that now. The BSN helped buffer it a little.
    -I've been CVICU for just over 2 years but not sure how many hours total I do 4-6 12s a week. Been in CCU/ICU for about 3 years.
    -Taking my GRE in a few days.
    -I've shadowed a good bit. Got all the requirements for application like pals and acls.
    -I'll prob take the CCRN next month to make some extra money bc lord knows it's gonna be a tight budget. I'm a single income home married with three boys! Hope you guys get in looking forward to surviving through it all with ya!
    LORs: My director MSN-Our head CRNA-and a pulmonary intensivist MD that use to teach. Figured my boss someone from the field and a MD in the critical care where I work would probably cover my bases. I recommend you guys calling and talking to either a teacher or someone that works within the program and getting any tips, it can't hurt. I'm sure people from UAB really have the upper hand when it comes to that.
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  5. by   Bama_Nurse94
    Good luck everyone. I have only been an ICU nurse on the SICU for a year. Just trying to get my foot in the door, would be thrilled just to get an interview. Here's my stats:

    1 Year SICU
    3.26 Overall GPA
    3.4 Science GPA
    Worked over a years worth of hours in about 9/10 months and got my CCRN in April
    Multiple shadowing experiences
    Relief Charge, Extra Pediatric Surgical Training
    304 GRE (154 Qualitative, 150 Quantitative, 4.5 writing)
    LOR from an MD, Unit Director, and my preceptor from when I started. Also applied to Samford as well.
  6. by   erinvirginia1
    I got an email this AM from UAB with a date and time to come for an interview! Has anyone else heard anything?
  7. by   ICURN425
    I haven't heard anything yet! Did the email come from UAB or NursingCas? erinvirginia1 do you care to share your stats?
  8. by   SamICURN
    I got an interview as well!
  9. by   ICURN425
    When did you guys get the email notifying you that you got interviews?
  10. by   SamICURN
    I received an email about 4 hrs ago.
  11. by   ICURN425
    Well darn, that must mean I didn't get one.
  12. by   SamICURN
    Did you check your junk mail?
  13. by   ICURN425
    Yes I did, you would think they would send out all emails at the same time whether you got an interview or not like Samford did
  14. by   ALORNurse
    I got an email this morning too! What date did y'all get for your interviews?