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  1. Well, I've been lurking here for some time now and decided today to finally post. I've found this place to be a good place for information as well as motivation.

    That being said, I have applied to Texas Wesleyan among other places. I mention Wesleyan because it is my #1 choice and I am interviewing there in a couple weeks. I've heard from past students as well as current interviewees that their interview is a little more clinical based than most. This is fine by me, but I think it is making me overstudy...I don't want to leave anything to chance.

    So, if there are any others out there applying or have already interviewed at Wesleyan, tell me what you think. Any info has the potential to be good info in my book. Also, does anyone know how many of their applicants they invite for interviews? Just trying to figure out if they "cull the herd" at all or if they pretty much interview everybody.
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  3. by   SorenDrake
    For this current year's starting class, there were >400 applicants, and there are 150 students in the class (I don't remember how many they invited to interview, sorry).
    Interview is clinical based, but they try to tailor it to your experience (neuro vs cardiac, etc). Bon Chance!
  4. by   minimaxbug
    [font=lucida sans unicode]hi, i have also applied to twu, waiting on the interview, thought my physician reference was sent in, but he only sent it to tcu..soo now he sent it this week!!! i interview at tcu nexst week...very nervous and like you feel like i am over studying---so, did you have your interview yet? what was it like if so? i hope you did /do well..good luck, maybe we will see each other in august!!:trout:
  5. by   MethaneMan
    It went very well, I got accepted at my interview. The interviewers were great and really tried to make it as laid back as it could possibly be. It was 45 minutes long and about 15 minutes were "get to know you" and the rest was clinical questioning. I feel the keys are showing them that you can think (in lieu of reciting answers like you are reading them from a textbook), how you handle the stress of the interview, and exuding confidence. Good luck and let me know how it goes.
  6. by   SLEHSRNA
    Congrats Methaneman for your acceptance!

    I will be interviewing at TCU this week, Baylor in 2 weeks and TWU the week after that...Still waiting to hear back from UT-Houston though...Any advice?
  7. by   MethaneMan
    Sounds like you got'em lined up SLE...now all you have to do is knock 'em down! Just keep a positive attitude, be confident, allow your personality to show in the interview, and above all let them see that you have a brain in your head and you can think under duress. Make your nervousness work for you and convince yourself that you are merely excited to be there (a little trick I played on myself!). Good luck...maybe we'll be classmates this year.
  8. by   mmc-rockstar
    A few questions they asked a friend of mine...
    1. What are the three components of cardiac output (they're looking for preload, afterload, and contractility.
    2. Describe how CO2 affects intercranial pressure.
    Good luck!!!
  9. by   EBDRN
    Hey, SLEHSRNA, I think we work together. Anyway, I interviewed at both TWU and TCU. I liked the TCU interview better because I could tell they really wanted to get to know me, and read my resume and essay. At TWU, I felt it was a little more impersonal And gald to say, I received my TCU acceptance yesturday. Baylor is coming up fast. Good Luck to you guys.
  10. by   zmile4hug4
    I am a NICU nurse, I have an interview for CRNA school coming up. Could you tell me if in your interview the questions were based on NICU or more towards adult ICU? Thank you. Your reply would be greatly appreciated.:smilecoffeecup:
  11. by   tonetone77
    They asked questions about NICU pt. The question could be for any pt, but they used a baby as the pt. Questions like..You have a kid that just came back from surgery. All of a sudden it's sats drop and chest isn't moving. What would you do and what could be the problem?