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  1. Hello, I just had my interview in Texas, for Texas Welseyan University, and I was accepted on the spot. They told me that I would likely get Colton CA as my clinical site, if I wanted to go there. I have worked in CA and really like it. Is anybody there currently and can speak to there experience? Where you do get your open heart experience? How is housing like there? I am thinking about doing the long distance option, since it will be my husband and me. It would be difficult to move both of us twice. So, how is the long distance option?
    Thanks so much.
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  3. by   Boog179
    Hello and congratulations! I'm about to start my second semester at TWU and will be heading to Colton in August for phase II. I was a little disappointed at first when I got the offer for Colton as my site, as I'm originally from Fort Worth and was hoping to get a spot there; however, after reading up on Arrowhead Regional and talking to a few people, I can now say that I'm genuinely excited about getting the opportunity to go out there. I've heard lots of really good things regarding the facility and the clinical experiences had there by previous students.

    There wasn't a long distance option for Colton for my class - all of the students who will be heading that way are currently in Fort Worth for didactics. It's nice to hear that they opened that option back up.

    I'm unfamiliar with the area but I do know that most previous students elected not to live in Colton. A friend of mine in class is from the area and has told me that there are nice communities within about 15 miles of the hospital, and that rent is reasonable, especially for apartments. As my wife and I have two large dogs an apartment will not be an option for us unfortunately.

    If you haven't yet, go to the *allnurses.com CRNA forum* forum and search Colton. The most recent post is from 2010 if I remember correctly, but will still give you some previous students take on their experience there.
  4. by   rjvnuno
    I just had my interview also but I was not chosen on the spot. I wonder if this means that I was not accepted to the program.
  5. by   Boog179
    No that doesn't mean that you weren't accepted. I wasn't offered a spot during my interview, and it was the same for most of my classmates.
  6. by   rjvnuno
    Thank you for sharing that with me it makes me feel better. Its really hard to wait for 3weeks to find out. I felt like I had a good interview but there is always a doubt.
  7. by   Boog179
    Hang in there. I remember the wait - it was tough.
  8. by   Kt_srna
    I've been accepted to TWU for this fall and my clinical site is also in Colton! I've been trying to research the site. I've found that most people speak highly of Arrowhead but say that it's intense. They all seemed to feel very prepared when they are done. Can't wait to get started!