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  1. am I doing alright?

    B-: Anat & Phys I
    A: Anat & Phys II
    A: Micro
    B: Stat
    A: Nutr

    3.45- ADN
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  3. by   armynse
    You're looking good. Science grades are great! Do what you can to raise your GPA. Your GPA is competitive, but try to give yourself an edge by bringing it up. FYI, I got accepted to CRNA school with the same GPA. I applied to my top choice and I got in on the first try.

    Stay're on your way!! :spin:
  4. by   gasmaster
    Both of the programs I applied for looked at my overall, my nursing, and my science GPA's. The minimal overall GPA requirement was a 3.0. Your grades look really good. Make sure you pick a good ICU that is preferably high acuity so you get lots of swans, gtts, vents, etc. residencies are great, but remember that many schools do not count the time you spend in residency toward your 12 month critical care requirement prior to applying. Most schools recommend taking the CCRN, some require it. The average GRE that most look for is around 1100. Good luck!