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  1. Any anesthesia students form Puerto Rico here? I would like some input on the program in Arecibo.
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  3. by   junglern
    Quote from Howyaluvdat
    Any anesthesia students form Puerto Rico here? I would like some input on the program in Arecibo.
    i am applying do you know how the interview goes, and how is the exam of A&P,
  4. by   Howyaluvdat
    I'm not sure. I have my interview next month. Did you apply for 2011?
  5. by   junglern
    I will have the interview on the 7th of April, I dont know anything about it,

    No idea about how many people interviewing or what kind of anatomy and Physiology exam.

    Wondering if anyone in this forum could share the experience, very little on the web about this program.

  6. by   germensano
    Hi Guys im for puerto Rico. I will apply for next year, i have friends attending the INTER. Do you speak spanish?? Do you have family at Puerto Rico?? About the AP test ,well everybody fail it so dont worry. (i Guess).
    Anything else please send me a private.
  7. by   parath82
    I was interested in the anesthesia program in Puerto Rico and I was wonder if you had to be a native spanish speaker in order to apply?
  8. by   Howyaluvdat
    You don't have to be a native Spanish speaker. I start in June and speak very little Spanish. The notes, books, and exams are in English. You must know conversational Spanish for clinicals. I was also told that the teachers may teach in Spanish or English, but the majority of the doctors speak English.
  9. by   socalpeach
    Hey, I am very interested in finding out how you went about the process of applying to this school. I can only find limited info and the admissions office never calls me back! I would love to know your stats, just so I can see where I fit in. Did you work ER or ICU and for how long before applying? Do you have BSN or ADN and BA/BS in another field? GPA range? Did you apply anywhere else? those sort of things...

    Thanks in advance for the info, please, please keep us posted on your experience with this school. Best of luck and congratulations for getting in somewhere! Its a HUGE accomplishment!

    I am a few years away from applying, but I'm trying to get all of my ducks in a row!
  10. by   Veroko
    Hi am very interested to know a little more about the admission process ?? thank you guys
  11. by   dguer
    hi veroko did you ever find any information about the school . i am also interested.
  12. by   Lore77
    Did you find any info>?
  13. by   RNDude2012
    anybody ever find out more info on this program? just curious about the stats of accepted people.