Shadowing a CRNA: what questions to ask?

  1. Before I shadow a CRNA, what questions can I ask the CRNA and what questions will the CRNA expect me to ask?? I've been told by a 5-year experienced CRNA and one who graduated last December '06 that shadowing a CRNA one time is sufficient.

    Also, is it advisable to shadow a MD anesthesiologist?
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  3. by   COtraumarn
    Shadowing a CRNA should be more fun and educational than anything. Ask anything you want to know about anesthesia- the gas machine, drugs, different roles etc.. I asked a lot of questions about the interview process, applying, paying for school, program specifics as well as rationals for drug preferences. Sometimes they'll ask you about some common drugs- MSO4, paralytics, how do you know if the ETT is in that kind of stuff- but nothing too in depth- unless you shadow somebody who is an instructor or clinical coordinator for a program.
    I shadowed 3 different times- twice in OR and once in outpatient w/ a CRNA who did my anesthesia for my teeth.
    I don't know what your situation is as far as schools and stuff where you work but if you have the chance to shadow somebody who is a clinical coordinator, instructor, or w/e - DO IT. They can tell you what to know and plus you get to know thema little.