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  1. I just graduated from MSN with concentration in anesthesia. Now I can call my self-a GRNA. I have applied for a job with Kaiser permanent. I had a misdemeanor history, which has nothing to do with my anesthesia/nursing abilities, and was expunged couple months back. Few months ago I applied at one facility here at Kaiser and I told about the conviction to DA at that facility and she did not give me the job. They did not do my background check, I told her myself about the situation. Then I got scared, and I did not apply anywhere else. Instead I went back to the court and got an expungment. My license has never been revoked or suspended at all. Now I have reapplied, and the recruiter is not replying back to me or sending my applications to diff facilities where I am interested. I have made several phone calls and sent e-mails. I try contacting Kaiser hospital in northern Ca; they don't seem to have any problem with the expungement. I tried contacting anesthesia dept personally, but it comes down to that I have to go through their main recruiter, that is not helping me. So what do I do, I want to stay here with Southern Ca Kaiser. Can anybody guide me how to approach this?
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    Hi and welcome. Congrats on your CRNA - that is quite an accomplishment. It is up to individual hospitals whether to hire you or not, regardless of your ability to practice.

    I am an APN and I was subjected to a very intensive background check when I applied for licensure in IL as well as when I applied for jobs. In fact, the practice where I am currently employed, point blank asked me if I had ever been convicted of ANY offense. They had apparently hired someone without an extensive background check and something happened - so they are very gun shy.

    You might ask the HR folks what the problem is? However, I would gather you may have already done this?

    Good luck - you may need to apply outside your original area of consideration in order to get a job, get some experience and then reapply at Kaiser.