Samuel Merritt CRNA interviews 2018

  1. This will be my first CRNA school interview. Any others out there that will be interviewing next month?
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  3. by   Lmanalo
    Yes! I'll be interviewing on the 22nd too. It's also my first interview!
  4. by   ICU-RN-CA
    Could you please share your stats?
    Also, when did you receive the invitation email?
  5. by   liz0105
    GRE Verbal - 157
    GRE Quant - 154
    GPA - unsure as I took the long road to nursing. my undergrad was abysmal (<3.0 in the sciences), my ADN 3.6, my BSN was 4.0.
    5 yrs ICU experience in large teaching hospitals

    Received email last Friday.
  6. by   liz0105
    Nice! I'm scheduled for the morning of the 22nd. Good luck!
  7. by   liz0105
    Quote from Lmanalo
    Yes! I'll be interviewing on the 22nd too. It's also my first interview!
    Nice! I'm interviewing on the morning of the 22nd, as well! Good luck!
  8. by   pfred
    I'm interviewing Feb 21st. Good luck everyone!
  9. by   ICU-RN-CA
    Could you please share your stats?
  10. by   pfred
    BSN, RN
    5 years ICU experience
    GPA: 3.6ish
    Science GPA: Approx. 4.0
    GRE verbal: 158
    GRE quant: 155
  11. by   mewei
    I'll be interviewing on the 22nd. Good luck to all!
  12. by   J13xxxx
    So I stumbled upon this while researching CRNA school questions to set up a mock interview for a friend that is prepping for her interview (not at SMU : ))

    I remember how nerve racking it was prepping for and then going to interviews, so I sympathize. I recently graduated from the SMU program, so here is my interview advice...

    The most important thing for them is that they like you, and they can see themselves working with you (I have heard this from the school and from interviewers over and over again). The CRNA community is small (if you are accepted you will hear this over and over again) and a lot of your preceptors/teachers/clinical coordinators may some day be your coworkers or colleagues. At the very least they will be highly invested in you for 27 months. So, in this vein, be likable! Smile, talk to people prior to your interview, ask questions, answer questions. I see you guys asking for "stats" and look, it really doesn't matter. Average really is all you need in the GRE and GPA section. I mean, if you have some ****** grades, maybe be prepared to discuss (I got a 2.6 in a patho class in nursing school...didn't get asked a thing about it)...but, in general, I think that all they want to know is that A) you got typical scores on the GRE (mine were nothing to write home about, and neither were my classmates) and that B) you got through nursing school with decent grades. As for experience...There were several people with only a year of experience when they interviewed and then there were a few people with 10+ years...and then everything in-between. The most important factor at this point is that you can show them that you are someone who has social skills, is a competent ICU nurse and is prepared for the rigors of entering the program.

    There are about 7-10 people on the interview panel. Teachers, clinical coordinators, directors, and current students. If you are nervous, tell them that you are nervous! You don't need to make a jokes or anything, but just break the ice a little bit.

    Prepare for your interview. Look up questions that people have posted on other sites. Write the bullet points down on what your answers will be. That way you have something to draw from when you are nervous during your interview so you can sound moderately confident. Practice your answers out loud, preferably to someone who can give you honest feedback. The more you do this the easier it will be to answer questions off the cuff in the interview that you haven't prepared for too!

    Get there somewhat early. There is sort of a holding area with other applicants and current students who will be available to answer questions and ask you about yourself. Don't stress about this too much, it is pretty informal, treat it as practice actually for the interview! One of the girls who I spent some time talking to asked me a lot of questions that the interviewers did. It was a good way to get into it.

    SMU typically does a "personality" based interview. I only heard a few stories about people getting asked clinical questions and it generally was when they didn't have as much clinical experience. But, especially if you are going to other interviews as well (Fullerton and OHSU both have clinical portions) it doesn't hurt to brush up on all that stuff you studied to get your CCRN.

    You made it this far which is awesome! Just prepare and be yourself and personable when you go into the interview and everything will be just fine. I will say that the journey is difficult, but it is worth it. You will discover a lot about yourself in the process and grow a lot as a healthcare professional and a person. My mantra has been "I wouldn't not do it once, but I wouldn't do it again."

  13. by   pfred
    Thanks for the informative post! I have a question for you, is it possible for students doing the three year track to live in a different state for the first year?
  14. by   Lmanalo
    I hope everyone's prepping and excited to be in Oakland next week! Wishing y'all all the best and I will see you if you're interviewing on the 22nd!!!!