Rush University CRNA Program 2018

  1. Did anyone apply for the Rush CRNA program?
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  3. by   nurserobinson281988
    Yep! Sure am!
  4. by   CCTN
    Good luck. I guess we will be finding out about interview in the next few weeks.
  5. by   nurserobinson281988
    Hopefully, not that i have submitted my app yet... 😫
  6. by   Hopeful_crna
    I also applied fingers crossed for us all! Will post if I hear any news
  7. by   nurserobinson281988
    I emailed someone at Rush and it looks like they had in the neighborhood of 100 applicants, interview 60 and they will let us know by the end of August, if not sooner.
  8. by   hopefulcrna-
    Anyone heard anything?
  9. by   CCTN
    Nothing! Hopefully this week or the next...
  10. by   nursenikki007
    Hi! I received an invitation to interview! How about anyone else?
  11. by   Hopeful_crna
    I did too! When is your interview nursenikki007? Have you heard anything about what to expect for the interview?
  12. by   nursenikki007
    Great!!! I was scheduled for Sept. 23 at 8am. How about you?? No, I haven't heard anything about the specifics of the interview yet ...
  13. by   Hopeful_crna
    I haven't picked an interview date yet actually, I'm currently trying to arrange my work schedule. I haven't heard anything yet either but I'm so nervous!! Are you from Chicago?
  14. by   tofu-tofu
    If anyone is going to be there on the 18th, I will see you there