Quinnipiac University CRNA interviews for 2019

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anybody has applied to Quinnipiac Nurse Anesthesia Program and heard back yet. I know they're conducting interviews already. Finished my application last week and waiting anxiously for a response!! Any insight on the interview??
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  3. by   crnacandy
    Just got an interview myself!! Hopefully someone is able to offer us some pointers for the interview.
  4. by   SERN
    Congrats and good luck! When did you apply? And do you mind sharing your stats? I have a 3.2 undergrad gpa but I've done a lot of good things in my work, volunteered, and certifications.
  5. by   crnacandy
    Hey SERN, so nice to meet you. Have you tried to e-mail or call the program directly to see what the hold up may be on your app? If you're from around the area, I'm sure that will help as well.
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  6. by   SERN
    I haven't heard back about an interview yet! I applied just last week I've been a nurse for 6 years, 2 in ICU. I live in NYC. Yes! They're so nice and it looks like a great program.
  7. by   mindy kaling
    I have an interview too and applied in June. I hope you hear back, your experience sounds great

    I have been researching more about the program but its so hard to find information out there besides what they already have on their website..
  8. by   SERN
    Yeah it's a new program, only four years old or so... I know they take 12 students and all your classes are taught by two ppl- the program director and the clinical coordinator. So it's intimate.
  9. by   minestro
    Hi everyone,

    I also got invited for an interview. Does anyone know anything about the interview process? Good luck to everyone!!
  10. by   crnacandy
    Does anyone know roughly how many people they usually interview?
  11. by   SERN
    What are the dates for your interviews?
  12. by   minestro
    Hi SERN,

    I have my interview scheduled for next week... I'm quite nervous to be honest. Have you heard anything about your application?
  13. by   SERN
    Good luck on the interview!! I am excited to hear about it. Have you interviewed with other schools or will this be your first?

    I haven't heard anything, so I emailed them today, just to check in.
  14. by   NESSK
    Hi All,
    I have an interview with Quinnipiac CRNA program and was wondering if anyone had any insight about the interview process and what sort of questions they tend to ask