plz reply!! About the G.R.E. test and CRNA program in Georgia - page 2

what is the G.R.E. like? what is a high score? There only 2 CRNA programs in georgia: Mercer univiersity in macon and one in agusta. I stay closer to macon so I would perfer to go to Mercer... Read More

  1. by   myelin
    Quote from MedicalMinded

    So just because I spelled school as skool, you think I don't know how to spell? I didnt realize I was writing an essay for my proffessor. I thought I was just posting on a forum.

    You noticed the spelling but you didn't notice the punctuation?
    I didnt capitalize all the i's and i didn't use apostrophes. I abbreviated "bring" by omitting the i.
    if your going to correct me, correct the whole paragraph not just a word.
  2. by   MedicalMinded
    Ok guys. Thanks for the advice. I clld a skool an they said 3.5 an up is best also. Ima try to get it up..i thnk ima pretty gud test taker so i hope to do gud on the g.r.e.