Please straighten me up

  1. Hi all,
    Like most of you in this section, CRNA is my dream job. The
    truth of the matter is, it's one the main reasons I want to become
    a nurse. But unlike many of you, I don't have a stellar GPA that
    can wow the crowd. Yet, I still haven't given up on my dream.
    And for this I have to thank many of you who have share
    your stories, for they truely have inspired me and kept my hopes alive.
    With my graduation in nursing coming soon (May 2007), I have been looking into the career path of a CRNA deeper than ever. The minimal requirements of most of the programs throughout the country are all the same (minimal 3.0 GPA, 1 year ICU experience, GRE, etc.). Obivously I need to balance my borderline GPA (3.1) with excellent GRE scores, great recommendations, and any other things I can get my hands on.
    I have come across several programs which are offered by the hospitals themselves (and afflicated with local colleges/universities). Am I daydreaming thinking that my chances of getting into their CRNA programs will increase if I apply to their programs after working in their hospital system?? In other words, does my position (being the hospital employee) give me an inside track to all the other applicants who do not work for that hospital??
    Please straighten me up. :trout:

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  3. by   Quiet1
    I have heard that this is the case...sometimes. I would say that you should look for the job that will give you the best ICU experience in a place you don't mind living. I came from "inside" one such institution and it is the only school I applied to that I did NOT receive an acceptance to.

    Do research on the programs you are interested in most and do what it takes to stand out when you apply. Don't base your job on the possibility that you may have a higher chance of getting into their program. Keep in mind that many other people may have the same ideas.

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!!
  4. by   Nursing4Sure
    Quote from Quiet1
    I came from "inside" one such institution and it is the only school I applied to that I did NOT receive an acceptance to.
    I'm very surprised. Could you share more about why they did not accept you.
    Did it have more to do with the "politics" rather than your qualifications??
  5. by   Quiet1
    They don't tell us why unless we ask specifically, and I guess at this point I don't care. My first choice school for the quality of program accepted me and that is where I will go.

    I am not bitter. I am not saying that these programs are not good or that it is silly to try. What I am saying is, don't base your whole work decision on the off chance that you may have a better chance of acceptance if you are "inside". Go where you want to work, get the best experience you can, and apply to the schools that have programs that fit with you. If an institution that fits these qualifications happens to have a CRNA school, GREAT!
  6. by   Nursing4Sure
    Thanks Quiet1. I will take your advice into consideration.