PICU experience for admission

  1. Does anyone know of any CRNA school's that will accept Pediatric ICU experience? I will have 2+ years working in a teaching/referral center. We do procedures with sedation at bedside.

    There are a few schools across the country who do not specify whether or not they accept pediatric critical care. Word is that many schools will NOT accept PICU experience. Any opionons?
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  3. by   LIZPICURN
    From my research, there are some schools that will consider accepting only PICU experience, yet for the most part the adult world is the most desirable experience. I was in your same position. I was in the PICU for almost four years and have since transitoned to a large MICU/SICU. I truly enjoy the change and have learned a lot in the process. Plus, I feel I will be much more well-rounded. Would you consider taking an Adult ICU position? I think in the long run it will make you much more marketable. It will show that you are very serious about CRNA school. Plus, the large majority of clinicals is adult focused. Good luck! Hope this helps. I start anesthesia school in January.
  4. by   SmessenBSN
    Thank you for your opinon! I've only been in PICU for one year and plan on traveling (in PICU) for at least another year ... I'm just thinking down the road. Anesthesia school has always been in the back of my mind. If I do decide for sure, like you said, I'd probably be better off with a year or so in the adult world. Thanks again!
  5. by   CougRN
    UNE in Portland, Maine has in the past
  6. by   BeatOU
    just apply! you may be the best applicant, despite not having adult experience.