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  1. Hi all!

    I am going to apply for CRNA school for the 2007 class. On my application, it asks for a personal statement. Included needs to be my "philosophy of nursing.." and my professional career goals (that's easy).
    My question is what do you include in this "statement"? I'm not good with philosophy sutff, so what are they looking for? This may seem silly, but do I need a literal "philosophy of nursing" written by a well knonw nurse, or just do my own thing?
    Any reply appreciated!!
    Thanks in advance. :wink2:
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  3. by   christvs
    I think it means (this is just my interpretation) which aspects of nursing are most important to you, or which qualities related to nursing is it important for you to bring to your practice everyday. For example, I just applied to grad school too, to become an NP. In my essay I wrote about how I value health promotion, and try to do my best to include a bit of teaching regarding nutrition, exercise, not smoking, etc. every time I'm with a new patient. So you could say that my nursing philosophy is to actively encourage others to take care of their health. Hope this helps.