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hey guys, are there any programs that have implemented PBL into there curriculum? i only hear of traditional (which is what im looking for). i have done the PBL thing and it does NOT suit my style... Read More

  1. by   nurseabc123
    Quote from EmeraldNYL
    My program does PBL to supplement the regular lectures. We all had to develop a case and do a presentation in front of the class. It was actually really helpful in reviewing for the SEE exam, it helped to put the pieces together and think critically, especially with stuff we haven't had in lecture for awhile. Most people chose cases they actually did or had experience with.
    PBL in supplementation to regular lectures seem like it would be much better. Everyone in my program hates the PBL, but our professors say until "the research" shows otherwise, PBL it is.
  2. by   EmeraldNYL
    It is called PBL, but it is only a supplemental thing we do in our senior year after most of our coursework and lectures are done. Everyone in the class has to present a case scenario and kind of get the class to figure out the problem without revealing all of the information. You present bits and pieces and ask the class, "well what do you want to know next? what do you want to do?" Most people presented cases that they actually had experience with. One student presented a machine problem, one student presented a teenager with an unrecognized PFO, another student presented an obstetrical emergency case, and another student presented complications from laparoscopy, etc. I didn't think I would like it at first and thought it would be nerve-wracking to get up in front of the class, but it was a really good review for the SEE exam.
  3. by   mcRN2b
    Well, my diploma school is incorporating PBL plus peer evaluations that will affect the grade! I am really wishing I went to another school.