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  1. I am a new member to all nurses, but have haunted the site since graduating with my second degree-BSN (GPA 3.1). I have decided to brave the waters and ask a question. After three years in a neuro ICU in TN, my CNRN, GRE under my belt. I am applying to Our lady of the lake CRNA program in Baton Rouge for the class begining in Aug 2008. I am interested in any opinions regarding the faculty, clinical experiences, interview process, typical applicant stats or venting of any board member involved with the program or currently applying. Most of my CRNA minded coworkers are staying in west tennessee, so my feedback has been limited.
    Thanks for any help
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    Moved to the Pre-CRNA Inquiry Forum. Good luck to you.
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    Applying to OLOL was my backup plan. However, I was accepted to my first choice at USAGPAN/Northeastern University. I know a couple of ppl who have graduated OLOL and they said that the instructors were very supportive...they are there to help you, not bury you. Another good thing about the program is that you don't have to travel far and wide for clinical experience. It is my understanding that OLOL is a little easier to get into than my alma mater, LSUHSC. In fact, OLOL holds their interviews later than LSU which means they lose their top candidates to LSU.

    A distinct difference btwn LSU and OLOL is that OLOL will use your last 60 credit hours to calculate your GPA. For many applicants this a much needed bonus. OLOL also weighs your GPA against your GRE which means that one score can compensate for the other. You don't necessarily need 1000 on the GRE to gain acceptance.

    I recommend looking into OLOL. I attended school there in 1995-96 when I was an intern working on my first B.S. and I loved it there. You can't go wrong in Baton Rouge, IMHO.

    Why not LSUHSC??? I got my BSN there. However, I have lots of friends in the CRNA program and the reviews are not so good. LSU was my second choice but I'm glad that it didn't come to that. I need structure/organization in my life...
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    Thanks so much for your feedback. Sounds like good environment.