OKAY NOW How do I pay for it!

  1. Thanks be to God I finally got in to anesthesia school. Then it starts setting in, How I'm I going to pay for this again ! I looked over the sticky and found tons of available private loans. ( very helpful sticky!) My question is for those who have had experience in obtaining loans for CRNA school. How much is enought?? I dont want to borrow to much and owe everyone when done. Can someone, anyone tell me what factors they considered and how much you borrowed form Finaid and Private loans total. Any regrets? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!:trout:
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  3. by   Soup Turtle
    I have no idea, but congratulations!!!!
  4. by   japaho41
    1) Apply for all the free money in ways of scholarships/grants available even if you would remotely meet criteria. Many go unawarded because of lack of applicants.
    2) Look for a Stipend from a hospital/anesthesia group that will give you x-amount while you are getting your education in return for a work commitment. (Beware of the terms of the agreement, especially if your stipend is to be repaid when you start working. The money they gave you over the past two years could be taxed at your new tax rate).
    3) Fill out your FSFA and see what you qualify to recv.
    4) Check out federal loan alternatives, Well Fargo Financial MedPlus Loan or something like it. (keep in mind that some lenders charge fees that cut into your award amount, Sallie Mae is one of them that charges these fees.
    5) Work a lot of overtime prior to going to school and sock away as much as you can in a high yield money market
    6) Don't forget about living expenses, overestimate your need, develop a plan because one thing you don't want to have to worry about is money.
    7) Don't worry about the amount of money you need to do this!