Ok, now my grades are starting to worry me...

  1. To start with, since this is my first post... Hello! :P

    So I've been set on CRNA for the past 3 years and I've been pretty careful of my grades. The RN program I'm currently in is extremely competitive and we had to have high grades to get in. However, I got a B my first semester and a C (79.8%!!) my second semester. I'm worried that if I don't pull A's both of my last 2 semesters of my RN that I won't have much of a shot. I'm taking my RN to BSN classes through another university and should have about a 3.8 GPA for those classes, but I'm worried about my initial RN grades.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions?


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    Your overall gpa is going to be the most important, Or your overall nursing gpa. If your BSN gpa is 3.8 those two classes won't change it too much. I would do my best to bring them up, but if your grades are that good it shouldn't be an issue. Don't stress out too much, it will only make the situation worse. You are doing really well. Besides, your gpa isn't the only thing they look at. Just relax and do your best!!
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    Thanks for the encouragement

    I had talked to someone at a program in the midwest and asking if getting certified helps at all. He didn't sound like he cared all that much about advanced certifications, but then a fellow student said they'd heard that it's definitely something that they had heard was looked at. I'm sure it all depends on where I apply (which will basically be anywhere/everywhere in the US), but are there any other factors other than overall GPA that are important?
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