NY CRNA Schools-any one at Buffalo, Albany, or Columbia?

  1. I am planning on applying to Buffalo, Albany, and Columbia for CRNA school. Are there any current students out there that are going to any of these schools? If you are in any these schools could you let me know what you like and don't like about the programs? Any helpful information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   junglern
    I am applying to BUffalo, I am from NJ.
  4. by   eaglezip17
    i had an interview at U. buffalo in oct....anyone know when decisions are made?
  5. by   dow18000
    seriously? i thought the application process closed NOV 1st? when did you submit your application if i may ask? do you know if they are still doing interviews?
  6. by   eaglezip17
    my app was sent in back in aug...i think they have a couple interview sessions during the year, another in jan??.....but idk if they wait till all interviews are over for decisions or if they fill the spots as the year goes along
  7. by   natbug
    I found out today that I was accepted for the Fall 2010 start date. Did you hear anything yet?
  8. by   eaglezip17
    i talked to someone yesterdday and they said letters would be sent out mid dec....when did u interview???
  9. by   natbug
    I interviewed Oct 28th and I was notified via e-mail.
  10. by   dow18000
    does anyone know if the interview process is completely over for fall 2010 at UB?
  11. by   eaglezip17
    natbug congrats very jealous. i never got an email so idk, theyve been communicating with me via hardcopy....has anyone else gotten email??

    dow: i think they do rolling interviews as in when they get enough apps they hold an interview session, prob another one in the spring from what ive seen on the forums
  12. by   natbug
    Thanks eaglezip17. No news is good news until otherwise right?
  13. by   natbug
    Eaglezip17, got my written letter in the mail today. Good luck!
  14. by   alinasept
    Can anyone respond to the OP's question about what the programs are like for those currently involved in them? I am living in NYC and planning to become a CRNA so I would like to have to knowledge in advance about each program.