Nursing Certifications - how important?

  1. I am working towards my BSN and plan to work as a RN for 1-2 years before I apply to a CRNA program. I have been reading a lot that you need CCRN, ACLS, PALS certifications to be competitive- is this true? If so, how do you become certified? How long does it take? If I only had time to become certified in one area before applying to a CRNA program, which ceritifcation would look best on an application?

    Any reponse would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :spin:
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  3. by   droopy1592
    I don't know of any program that doesn't require ACLS even before the interview. PALS is required by some programs and I know DUke requires it before matriculation. CCRN makes you look really good but the majority of people from my unit and the adjacent hospital that got accepted to a program did not have CCRN, but they had a decent amount of experience and we're talking CVICU. CCRN will make you look better though, and if you and other students have similar background, but they have CCRN, you'll miss out. Certifications are not something you want to skimp out on!
  4. by   al_e135
    Thanks so much. I know how important it is to stand out on an application in any way possible, so I am definitely going to try to go for the CCRN certification when I can.
  5. by   allischalmers1977
    ACLS and PALS are both two day classes. Most facilities either require them or will pay for the class and your time to go to the class. CCRN is strictly a test that you prepare for on your own. I think the requirement is 1850 hours of ICU experience before you can take the exam. Most people recommend a book called Pass CCRN and videos by Laura Gasperis-Vonfrolio. I watched the videos and studied the practice questions in the book for a couple of weeks. I had one year of SICU experience and passed the test. It is not easy, but like the other post said, it can make a difference in candidates that are otherwise very similar... Good Luck.
  6. by   SelfActualization
    I'm starting CRNA school this fall. I had CCRN, ACLS, PALS, ENPC, TNCC, NRP and maybe something else. Basically if you can take it, do so. Especially must have your CCRN.