NICU experience for CRNA school?

  1. I was once interested in doing the CRNA thing, but because you need adult ICU experience, I said 'never mind'. Someone told me while i was in nursing school that they know someone who got into the program with NICU experience. Is it possible to do it that way? Does one really need the ADULT ICU experience for entry into a CRNA program at most schools? Just curious!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I know someone who got in with only NICU experience, but each school has its own policy on whether NICU and PICU are acceptable. Before she got in as an alternate to one of the programs, the girl I know was planning to change jobs to get some adult experience.
  4. by   CaslaRN
    My friend only had 1 year NICU experience when she applied to Barry. She got in, finished school and is now a CRNA so go for it.