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  1. Hello all -

    For some time now I have been visiting this board reading about peoples background and interests. Ive noticed that the community is great at offering advice for aspiring individuals. I hope the same is true for me. Perhpas this is not the correct thread for this, but here goes....

    I graduated college in 2004 and have my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Since I have been working I have noticed a increasing lack of fullfillment in my profession. A combination of personal life experiences, faith, and shear enjoyment has pointed me to the medical field. I spent some time researching different avenues, and CRNA fits my desires to the T. Anyways, to get to the grind, I would like to your guys feeling of how I stand on achieving. Basically, the one thing that stands in my way is a poor GPA. My graduating class avg. was 2.84 and my GPA was about avg. Having said that, I have been taking night classes to fill the requirements for getting into a BSN nursing school and have recieved mostly As with a few Bs. Basically my question boils down to, how much impact will my undergraduate affect my ability to get accepted to a CRNA program, assuming I do stellar in nursing school grade wise. Any information is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance
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  3. by   Tweety
    I'll move your thread to the CRNA forum. Welcome and good luck to you in all that you do.

    Becoming a CRNA is a long process. It starts with the BSN, but you also have to have minimum of two years critical care nursing experience. So there are considerations other than your GPA at your other school, which presumably will rise after going through nursing school. But I'm no expert because CRNA is competetive.
  4. by   srna wannabe
    I'm in at Rush starting this Summer. My feeling is that the admissions committee would probably care more about your grades in Nursing school. With the mechanical engineering degree you'll be able to fix the anesthesia machines if they act up!
  5. by   ctucker
    Alot of the colleges only look at your last 60 hours, which is mainly nursing. Do good to the GRE, get your one year of ICU expierence and excellent reference letters and you will be fine. I was average in all, but still go in. Do give up.