Need help on where to apply

  1. I have been a nurse for actually 15 years..cannot believe it has been that long..I started out in ICU at a trauma center, quit and went to ER. Now I have been working for CVICU for the last three years. MY GPA is only a 3.2. I do have my CCRN. I applied for KUMC 2 years ago and was on the alternate list and didn't get in the second time around. Guess I am looking for advice on programs and what these interviewers are looking for?? It just seems like the competition is very stiff..PLEASE HELP
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  3. by   piper_for_hire
    I was told that they were really impressed with my non-nursing life. (er ... I'm assuming they were also happy with my ICU experience and grades since they let me in!). I was in business before I got into nursing and I have many interests that I actively pursue. Maybe they thought with all that energy I would do well. Maybe they figured that since my family was okay with me running my own business, all the time I'd spend in NA school wouldn't be that much of a change. Who knows? I guess what I'm saying is that perhaps different=good. Pretty much everyone they interview has good grades and good clinical experience. That must get repetitive for them. What else do you bring? Why should they want to see your face in the halls for the next 2.5 years? That's what I thought about in my interviews. Hope that helps.

  4. by   Outdoor1
    Excellent post Piper...I couldn't agree more. Good luck to the original poster.