Need help in writing my essay...

  1. I'm having difficulty with the essay portion of my application. I know that i should be honest and write about myself and etc... but i'm stuck... Any suggestions? Please help me~
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  3. by   AdonaiLoveable
    I am no expert, I'm in middle of the application process myself, but here is what I've done:

    I divided the essay up into different parts that answer the following questions for the reader. Some of these came directly from questions and essay outlines from applications:

    1. Why am I pursuing a career in nurse anesthesia?
    2. What have I done to prepare myself for this endeavor? (Educational background, work experience, extra curricular activities...)
    3. What are my academic interests and career goals?
    4. Why the program I am I applying to would be a good fit for me and why I would also be an asset to that program.

    I used the same basic essay for more than one application, but I tailor it and update it as needed. But I have the basic essay that I wrote as a good starting point.

    Hope this helps,

  4. by   shandsburnRN-CRNA
    What experiences do you have both professionally and personally that draw you to the CRNA profession?

    What have done to reach the level you are at now? How do you plan to ascert yourself if accepted?

    What do you plan to do with your education once you are finished, i.e. rural, private practice, general OR, specialization, outpatient practices?

    How do you think you can give back to the profession?

    What other professional experience (if any), i.e. Paramedic give you an edge over other applicants?

    You obviously hold certs is CPR, ACLS and PALS if you are applying, do you have instructor certs in these areas?

    Hope some these ideas help out...good luck!!!
  5. by   helloRN
    google, thats how i did mine
  6. by   chococherry
    Writing about yourself is hard. I believe it's important not to repeat in your essay the information provided in your CV. Your education and professional accomplishments are all in the CV- no need to repeat those. You want the panel to get a taste of your personality, so an essay should reflect that. They also want to know: what do you know about the profession, role, responsiblities? Did you shadow? Why do you want to pursue the career? What personality traits will help you be successful in the program? Why is this program a good fit for you? Like you said, honesty is good. You want to sell yourelf w/o being cocky. Also, including something in the essay that will make it stand apart from others is nice to have- such as a personal experience that ties nicely together with the overall feel of the paper. Good Luck.
  7. by   casrn
    Friendly advice: the entrance essay is the easiest part of the entire program and everything surrounding the program. You can relax and tell them everything you want them to know about yourself and take as long as you want to do it. Be truthful, be creative, most yourself and relax, this is nothing compared to what lies ahead for you! If this is difficult for you then reconsider your endeavor...not to be mean, just being honest. I am just wrapping up my first semester and everyday we are put on the spot to be creative. Just write and don't forget to tell them why you want to be a CRNA!