MUSC Summer 2018

  1. I wanted to go ahead and start a thread for anyone that has applied/is applying to MUSC for Summer 2018.
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  3. by   lordhavemrsa16
    I have applied. Hopefully this thread picks up in case anyone has any helpful information/tips lol
  4. by   HeartNurse7
    To which program? I applied to the CRNA program, starting summer 2018
  5. by   CCU2017
    I have applied for CRNA program to start summer 2018 as well. Waiting on 1 more recommendation to be completed. Has anyone heard anything about the application/interview process?
  6. by   lordhavemrsa16
    From what I can gather, seems the interview process is largely clinical
  7. by   HeartNurse7
    Anyone get an interview invitation yet?
  8. by   TraumaDrama89
    I applied as well and haven't heard anything yet.. from what I gathered they contact eligible candidates in November and interview in December, but I could be wrong.
  9. by   lordhavemrsa16
    Yeah, no interview request yet here either.
  10. by   Etomidating
    Their website says interviews do not go out until November with the interviews taking place mid December
  11. by   TraumaDrama89
    Isn't it kinda scary that they interview so late in the year when the program starts in the SUMMER?!
  12. by   Etomidating
    Anyone hear anything yet?
  13. by   lordhavemrsa16
    Nothing yet....thought for sure we would hear something this week
  14. by   EtherMeSilly
    Might be worth checking your email today. Just got an invite a few hours ago!