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Is there anyone with some insights on Minneapolis School of Anesthesia?. I am thinking of applying there for 20011, anyone with interview experience there, current students or even folks Who... Read More

  1. by   CourtneyM16
    Just finished my interview. Felt pretty nervous during the first interview, and felt I could have definitely done a better job articulating my thoughts...Second interview was with one of the instructors, and I felt that interview went perfectly. I'm a harsh critic of myself, so its hard to really say how I did..lol. Hopefully we all get good news.
  2. by   twillscowboy
    I too had my interveiw and I can honestly say I rocked it. Can't wait until January to see if I got in. Good luck to every one this year.
  3. by   wagne715
    Did they just ask you about you and why you wanted to be a CRNA? Was it nerve wracking? did you get interviewed by 2 different people?
  4. by   twillscowboy
    Well I interveiwed there last year so they new me pretty well. I did meet with one of the two directors that I met with last year and then there was the Director who I did not meet last year that I met this year. They just kind of wanted to know what I all did in the last year and what leadership roles I took, which by the way, I had a lot. They also wanted me to take another chem class last year and I did and they were very happy with my solid A I received. Other than that we just kind of sat back and talked and I felt like I rocked it. They asked me questions I gave answers with personal experiance and I asked good questions in return. I will just have to wait until end of next month to find out. I have my fingers crossed!!!!!
  5. by   seansanf120
    MSA admissions committee meets either Monday, or Tuesday to select the class for fall of 2011!!!!! Hopefully letters will be mailed soon after, but we should all let us know whether or not they got there letters as they are mailed and recieved. Good luck to everyone who interviewed, and hopefully we can all be classmates this fall

  6. by   arcurtisrn
    You guys lucked out. My interview was December 13 the time the blizzard went through. My flight was canceled on Saturday so went on Sunday. I interviewed with only the director because the other interviewer was out of town. It was short maybe 40-45 and tell me about yourself and why you want to be a CRNA. I have 8.5 years of ICU experience in moderate to high acuity settings. My overall GPA is around 3.4 and sciences around 3.1 but I have retaken Chem and got an A as well as Human Physiology also an A. Wish everyone good luck and January 11 is the day I was told they will meet and decide. Hopefully we will be classmates in a few months!
  7. by   CourtneyM16
    Anyone hear any news? Received letters?

  8. by   seansanf120
    Great news here!!! I got a letter today saying I've been accepted to the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia. I am sooooo excited, I can't hardly stand it. I hope your good news is on the way. PM me if you're accepted, and if you are an alternate keep your head up. See you all August 24!!!

  9. by   CourtneyM16
    Congratulations! Thats fantastic ....I am still waiting on news. Did it come in a packet or a letter??
  10. by   CourtneyM16
    I can not believe this....but I got in. It's almost like a dream right now. Sean, send me a pm. Good luck to the rest of the interviewee's...see you august 24th!!!!
  11. by   seansanf120
    I got a single page letter. I had been told that if I get accepted there will be a thick envolope with physical exam forms and your letter of acceptance, and if you just got one letter then that meant you were an alternate. I opened the envolope to find a single letter, and my heart just dropped. As I read it though, and it said I had been selected, and enclosed are the physical exam forms, but there weren't. I had called the school today, and I was told that the secretary was so excited to get the letters out she forgot to put in the physical exam forms. I recieved it today in a seperate envolope, so all is well.
    I wish you the best Riley, and please let us know either way.

  12. by   wsarah2107
    Hi all! I don't post much at all on here (more so just stalk to pre CRNA threads!!) but I just got my letter last night that I was accepted to MSA for this fall!!!!!! My fiance couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying when I called to tell him the great news!! (was doing both!)
    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to some of my future classmates
  13. by   wsarah2107
    Hey guys, this is kinda silly-but is there an official form for the letter that we send back along with the check or can we just write a simple letter stating (hell yeah!) I accept the invitation/plan on starting in Aug??