Minneapolis School of Anesthesia interview?

  1. Hey everyone. I just found out today that I was granted an interview at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia. I was wondering if anyone out there had interviewed there and what it was like. I would greatly appreciate any tips, suggestions or knowledge about the process. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing about it.
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    Great to hear. I withdrew my app after finding out in got accepted to a Connecticut school. I've heard only good things about the school. SRNA11 from this forum is in the program now her name is Jen if you want to send her a message. Its crazy how long it takes them to get things together. I have a interview at the school in AZ and will probably go to CT. Jen sent two message to me about the school and I will copy and paste both to the end. Let me know how things go Josh ... good luck

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    Hey jared.....

    I was just curious to see what your other postings looked like and I found one where you talked about cost, and I just thought I would mention one quick thing.

    MSA is around 24,000 for the entire program (I have a friend at USC and she will pay 120,000...ouch!) I don't know if you've been to the school/MSA but its not glamorous by any means. I went to the University of Minnesota for my undergrad and was expecting a cute little building/campus for MSA. I was however shocked when the address I pulled up to was a community center. MSA rents out a couple rooms/lunch room/library, etc there. you have all your classes in the same room, at the same table! This is why I think tutition is so CHEAP. the school told us that they have looked a number of times to find a different location but it would drastically raise the tutition.

    for me I don't care where you learn. I don't mind being in the same classroom. 2/3rds of the program is OR time anyway. Which is another reason why MSA is awesome. YOu get a chance to go do 6 (4-6 month rotations) at 6 different hospitals. The smallest hospital has like 12 ORs and the largest has over 40. 2 are large level I trauma centers and the others are II. YOu get such a well rounded clinical experience. You also do a peds rotation, same day surgery, and rural/regional.

    So basically to answer that question...I don't think cost has ANYTHING to do about quality of the school. We rank well above USC in the ranking (I know they dont mean that much, but its alot to say that we are such a tiny little school with no big university/research institution with us).

    The instructors and directors really care about the students and want them to do well.

    So thats all! (You must think I'm a MSA freak, but I guess I'm just happy to go there and wish everyone could have such a great experience).


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    Re: Minneapolis Program

    Good for you. It is about that time of year again isn't it. Seems like just yesterday I was turning in my application. Anyways....

    I don't really have any tips for getting in to be honest. The first thing obviously is to get an interview. Each year they get a different number of applicants (I believe around 150 last year) and they interview 75 to 100). So I would just suggest making sure you try and make your application the best it can be. Have people read your letter of intent, and it doesn't have any errors and it sounds professional. Make sure your resume looks nice and is also free of errors. SELL YOURSELF! try to set yourself apart from others (do you train new employees where you work, do you teach CPR, ACLS, PALS, etc., do you do transports, do you have special skills like dialysis, ECMO, hemofiltration, etc). Try and think of anything that you do that someone else may not do.

    I know that they really like it when students have shadowed CRNAs. So if you haven't done that I would highly suggest it. I went to Children's where I worked but I called Abbott and other hospitals and most were able to let me. Even in my interview they said that it was so important that students know what the job is like, know what its all about, instead of just wanting to do it because (mostly because of money).

    I've heard from some people that its important (or so they think) WHO writes your letters of recommendations. I don't know where you work but ask people who work charge or have worked there along time. Ask an intensivist who is also an anesthesiologist? Ask a surgeon? Etc. I think the "more clout" the person has may help....but you obviously want the letters to be personable and good.

    Our class has a huge range of nursing experience...and I don't know what there really looking for. (I had 2 years of experience in a PICU).

    Okay. This is roughly how they pick the 33 students once they have interviewed everyone. This is how it was described to me in the interview and how the teachers have talked about it recently...but don't quote me on all of it!! Its based on a point scale.

    After the interviews are completed the 3 directors and a panel (dont know who or how they select) get together one day and they go through all of the interview candidates and they each give you points for all of the stuff in your application (grades:specifically SCIENCES, letter of intent, nursing experience, letters of recommendation, and your interview). Then the top 33 point scorers get in!

    The interviews are VERY non-threatning. I had prepared to be quized on pharmacology, anatomy, etc (as many programs do), but there is nothing of that. They basically asked very general questions and many had nothing to do with aneshtesia or nursing:what are your hobbies? strengths/weakness? why anesthesia? why do you think you would make a good anesthetist? what do you like most about your job as a nurse? what makes you frusterated about your job?

    *Make sure to have some questions for them at the end: i.e: what is MSAs boards passing rate? what do you like most about the profession? Etc.

    Wow this got long and your probably way overwhelmed and I probably didn't make a ton of sense. Anyway I hope this helps....feel free to email anytime with additional questions about the application or interview process. I really would recommend MSA to anyone for a NUMBER of reasons.

    Best of luck to you Jared!
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    Do a search there a couple of posts about MSA. It's a pretty basic interview. Tell me about your self, why do you want to be a CRNA. Those types of questions.
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    Hey there! I also was granted an interview at MSA!! Congrats! When is your interview? Mine's on the 19th.....maybe we'll be classmates next Sept! I've got my fingers crossed tightly
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    Hello all, I applied and interviewed at MSA too. Wondering if anyone has heard anything or how people think the interview process went??? The wait is killing me!!!

    Good Luck All!

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    I thought that the interview process was very interesting. My first interview was with XXX. It was so chill. We just talked about hockey and the weather. The second was with XXX. This had a way different feel. She was more intense. I left not knowing anything about how I did or what the outcome would be. Now just the waiting part. Was your experience similar?
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    Hey "Magno79", thanks for the reply. I must admit it is a little reassuring to hear from someone else who is as clueless about where they stand as I am...I also interviewed with two people, each one lasting about 45 min-1hr. That day-I left with a good feeling, but as time goes by- I am more doubtful.. I just wish my GPA ,espec. from those young college years , was a little better. It isn't bad, but I am not a rockstar in the GPA category. Hopefully for both our sakes, they look at the whole package, not just the interview or the GPA. Good Luck- hopefully we'll hear next week or so..
  9. by   dtanksi
    I heard they met about the applicants mid- last week. We should recieve our letters very soon! Good Luck to all who applied at MSA.
  10. by   kateMN
    Good news here!
    I got a letter Friday stating that I was accepted to MSA. Hopefully your good news is on its way shortly.. I live in the city so I think mail travels fast.
    Good Luck to everyone who applied to MSA and hope to see you Aug. 28th!!!
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    So who else got accepted? I got put on the alternate list, which obviously is not what I had been hoping for, but I suppose it's better than a simple no. I felt as if the interview had gone well, but like others have posted it was a very strange interview, so I'm really not sure what they were looking for! Anyone who applied/interviewed/was accepted/or was not accepted mind sharing a little about your background (age, experience, married vs single, GPA...). I'm just looking to make a little more sense of why I didn't get accepted and what they may be looking for. Thanks!
  12. by   dtanksi
    Anyone out there who was accepted to MSA but have chosen to withdraw for another school? Hoping to get off the alternate list!!
  13. by   brookesbuddy
    Me, too! I want off the alternate list and into the program!! Fingers crossed, but it's probably not that likely. I wonder how many people they choose for the alternate list??
  14. by   dtanksi
    I heard they take have taken about 5-6 off the alternate list in the years past.