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  1. Has anyone heard back from Midwestern in Arizona??? I'm getting anxious...its been more than 2 weeks since my interview!!!
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  3. by   ***Bonita***
    I haven't anything either. Just waiting patiently.
  4. by   KermitRN
    Yeah I recieved a letter on Feb 1 stating that I was an alternate. I live 40 mins from the campus so that letter would have gotten to me very fast. Good Luck
  5. by   ***Bonita***
    I found out today that I was accepted !!! Finally! Well, I have two more interviews and then I will make my final decision. For now I am just happy.
  6. by   serendipity1175
    what day did you interview on? congrats!
  7. by   mmc-rockstar
    Congrats Bonita!! But now, you know the drill....help the rest of us out.... We want your stats!! And let us know what it was like, what helped, etc. Where else did you apply?
  8. by   serendipity1175
    i bet bonita won't post back to keep us updated... :stone just wondering how "many" of us are on the alternate list...
  9. by   ***Bonita***
    I got the official acceptance letter today. I found out by phone that I was accepted...I pretty much called and asked if the letters were mailed out and they told me I was accepted.

    I have an interview next week at the Gooding institute in Florida. I am waiting on an invite from OLOL in LA.

    My stats include: gpa 3.5, four years experience in CVICU, I have my CCRN-CSC certifications, PALS, ACLS.

    Interview was really cool. No hard questions.

    Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   ***Bonita***
    oh, interview date was 01/17
  11. by   malenurse2001
    I'm not Bonita but I can help with your questions. I got my acceptance letter to Midwestern on Wednesday 2/7/07. I interviewed 1/17/07.

    As far as my stats: CCRN; GRE: 1240, they had my GPA @ 3.8 w/ a 4.0 in the sciences, 5.5 years nursing experience, the last 3 being in the ICU.

    I had been to 3 other interviews on the other side of the country and I only made it on the alternate list at one. My feeling is that perhaps schools are a bit partial to students that live in town.

    All four interviews were very different. Two were panel style, the other two were not. One asked behavioral questions, and two asked a single clinical question. The point is to prepare for all different types of interviews. For me this meant to archive as many questions as I could find . . . if you look in this forum and Google "CRNA interview questions" you'll find dozens. It helped me greatly to write out my responses and rehearse them with others. So while I only had a 'canned answer' for about half the questions, the whole process was helpful b/c you'll be able to get a broad idea of what they may ask, and how you should respond. Less surprises!! Of course dress nicely- I wore a suit.

    Midwestern in particular was a very laid back interview with no clinical questions and no panel (only 2 faculty memebers). They seem to try to take a lot of the stress out of it, which I'm sure almost everyone appreciates.

    The other schools I went to were VCU, Wake Forest, and Raleigh. I cancelled an interview at CHS and I pulled my app @ TWU (I applied there late).

    Hope this helps. Just trying to give a little back since I do realize that I couldn't have done it without the help of the 'experts' before me.
  12. by   ***Bonita***
    Congrats malenurse on your acceptance!
  13. by   ***Bonita***
    I know people who take the CCRN close to the time of their interview in preperation. The Laura Gasparis Vonfolio videos are really good in preparing for the CCRN and brushing up on things. I also have a good book called the Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery written by Robert M. Bojar that is excellent. It covers drugs in great detail and hemodynamics. I work in a 52 bed CV Recovery/ICU and I think that might have also played a significant part of my acceptance.

    Good luck to everyone. Please PM me if you would like more information.
  14. by   serendipity1175
    SOOOO...all of you that have received acceptance letters to Midwestern, how many are actually accepting??? Just seeing what our chances are as alternates...