MAT scores?

  1. Has anyone taken the MAT ans what are your average scores???
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  3. by   crnawan2B
    I've been studying a little and hope to take it next week. How did you do?
  4. by   rubyrn36
    I took it...did not find time to study...(time slipped away on me for personal reasons...which is odd) was a wierd test I have not my score back I will find out...It is what it is.
    In hindsight do not know how much studying would have helped though.
    It is not like the GRE that way.
  5. by   crnawan2B
    Have you gotten your Mat score yet? I'm taking it next week - it's the only time offered that fits with my schedule. I hope I'm not cutting it too close to get results back! Let me know how you did! What schools are you applying to?
  6. by   rubyrn36
    wooohooo they came in and I am sooooooooooo jazzed...
  7. by   crnawan2B
    CONGRATS!!!! So tell me what is considered a good score? Which review book did you use?
  8. by   crnawan2B
    GREAT!!! So how are they interpretted - and what is considered a good score???
  9. by   rubyrn36
    There is the raw score...that they do not tell you...that reflects the number you actually made correct
    there is the scaled score which is a weighted proportional score...(do not understand the esoteric way that works)
    then there is your percentile score...
    all the schools I have seen that take the MAT require a 50% or better...
    you get a over all percentile and a percentile of your career/profession grouping...
    the percentile reflects the percent of people you did better than...
    example 50% means you scored better than 50% of the people taking the test...for the past 10 yrs or some nonsense....

    mine was
    86% overall
    87% for my group....
    I am sooooooooooo jazzed....
    My packet is almost complete....should be complete by a week from this Friday....two weeks on the outside.....
    just in the nick of time....*S*

    I left you a post on one of your other postings....wanted to talk to you about school etc privately...
    are you applying to FHCHS this rotation???
    for the class starting Jan 2010???
  10. by   crnawan2B
    I haven't quite figured out this site - not sure how to PM I hoping to send in my paperwork to FHCHS - for them to review - I've been out of school ALONG time - and not sure if they will want more recent college credits. I know the program is relatively new and has not graduated their first class yet - so wonder how they'll do with pass rate for boards. I live in Orlando - and have a family so it's the most convenient for me.