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Wondering if someone could help me... I'm hoping to start school next July. I plan to save money and work during breaks and such. I will take out loans for school but does any one know how to get... Read More

  1. by   MsJRN
    Pending accepting I hope to start CRNA school in Aug 2008. Ive been reading a lot of the threads and they have been very helpful but I still have one question that hasnt been touched upon yet. How much would someone say is a good amount to have saved up prior to starting CRNA..I know alot would depend on individual living expenses..but generally speaking what would one say??? Thanks
  2. by   MB37
    I was planning on having a hospital pay for my CRNA education - does that not happen anymore? I'm still working on my BSN, but I was planning on going on a few years after I graduate...I thought you could sign on with a hospital, have them pay for school, and earn a stipend as well. Please correct me if I'm wrong...
  3. by   ctucker

    Where do you live at, I know my Hospital I work at they still do a upfront tution and stipend for a contract. So yes it is still done. I start this week in Pittsburgh although I am from Arkansas. I have 3 kids and a wonderful Husband. My Husband is working on his BSN and a stay at home DAD.
  4. by   MB37
    I'm in Florida right now, probably will apply to a couple of schools in my area as well as in New Orleans where we're from and would be willing to move back. I'm sure you have to do some research into what kind of contract they want you to sign, but it would be worth a lot to not have to take on any more debt than we already have. Thanks for the response!
  5. by   nursemaggy
    there is ibr zlt biolife seratech and numerous others out there but beware not all companies are created equel
  6. by   studyingcrna
    I am currently in my first year of CRNA school. I have some money saved, but I am also utilizing FAFSA and Grad PLUS loans. Between those, I have enough for school and to live on... (i don't work, obviously) I was freaking out about having enough money to cover my expenses before I started school, but I can tell you not to worry because you WILL get enough money in student loans if you need it.

    I found a bunch of info on crna student loans and other advance practicing student loans, including the Grad Plus loan at (i tried to link them above, but am new to these forums, so not sure if it work). Anyway, good luck, and do not worry, getting loans is not as hard as I thought it would be!
  7. by   Spiderella
    My husband and I have a plan to be completely debt free before I start school in 3 years, and save $15,000 a year for the next three years before I apply to school. My car should be paid off by then. This will be $45,000 that we will have saved up to cover expenses while I'm in school. I plan to use student loans for the tuition, but the $45K will cover everything else. It sounds like alot, but with a 27 month program, that is roughly $1600 to live with..which isn't much when you think about it. But it will help take the pressure off my husband a bit, and he won't have to work 3 jobs just to make ends meet while I'm in school.